Video Game Presidents Who Don't Deserve Your Vote

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We are getting to that time of year where people announce their intentions to run for the office of The President of the United States. It seems every couple of weeks we are getting a new announcement regarding another candidate throwing their horse into the race. While deciding who to vote for can be a difficult decision one should not take too lightly, it can be a daunting task to decide which candidate is the most deserving.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled some video game "Presidents" who serve as a reminder to think twice before casting your ballot! 

Also, some SPOILERS ahead.

Published Jul. 12th 2015
  • GameSkinny Staff
    Looks like I'm a truly terrible president... although I do now have an itch to play Democracy 3! I wonder if there's a mod for the 2016 elections.
  • The Soapbox Lord
    Featured Contributor
    I would like to see how your run in Democracy turned out.
  • Durinn McFurren
    Any of these would be a better choice than Donald Trump.
  • The Soapbox Lord
    Featured Contributor
    At least Trump isn't sexual harassing ninjas though.
    Gotta give him a leg up there.
  • Si_W
    rather than a leg over?

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