Fallout 4: The Nine Most Exciting Facts And Rumors

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Due partly to the recent astronomical (and well deserved) success of The Witcher 3, the RPG spotlight has temporarily moved away from a game many people have spent the last 5 years waiting impatiently for: Fallout 4.

One of the few criticisms aimed at Fallout: New Vegas was that it was just a bit too similar to the previous entry in the series. Fallout 3 had been released two years earlier, and while New Vegas is still regarded as an RPG classic, there were those who felt disappointed it wasn’t the massive improvement they’d been expecting.

The last half-decade has seen video games advance technically at an incredible speed. Expect that when Fallout 4 does arrive, it will be a visual and gaming marvel. Much like The Witcher 3, this  will be the series’ first outing away from the last generation of consoles, and odds are it will push the PS4 and XBox One’s graphical abilities to the limit; as for the game’s spiritual home of the PC? My money’s on it becoming the next benchmark testing game - and yet another reason to upgrade to a monster graphics card.

So what do we know for certain about this next entry in the post-apocalyptic series? Not a great deal, unfortunately. It’s not even been officially announced yet - although it looks like that may soon change. There is, however, plenty of speculation when it comes to the game. Gathering together what we know and what is claimed, here are the nine most exciting facts and rumors about Fallout 4.

Published May. 27th 2015

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