Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Play Solo Incursions Single Player

Rainbow Six Extraction solo, single player play is possible and pretty enjoyable. This guide shows how to set up solo incursions step by step.

Wondering how to play solo or single player in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction? There is a way to take on the Archaeans solo if you can't squad up with friends or just want to play alone. It’s easy to get the mistaken impression that Extraction is a multiplayer-only game. There is a way to go the single player route.

Everything in Extraction is squad-focused, with complimentary equipment and Operators that work synergistically. However, the solo, single-player game can be rich and rewarding, even if figuring out how to do it isn’t obvious. 

This Rainbow Six Extraction guide explains how to play solo incursions, as well as why you'd want to go into the fray alone.

How to Play Solo, Single Player Incursions in Rainbow Six Extraction

Playing R6E by yourself is easy to set up. First, navigate to the Play tab. You won’t be using quick play or matchmaking. Instead, you need to pick which of the four levels you want to infiltrate. Only New York is available initially, but the other locations will unlock as you progress in the game.

Once you’ve chosen a level, you need to select a zone before beginning a solo incursion. Scroll down to the bottom left of this page. You must manually select which zone you want to take on. Once you make your choice, your objectives will be displayed, and you will be taken to the Operator select screen. Choose whichever character you want, and confirm your loadout to depart for your single player mission.  

There are plenty of good reasons to play solo incursions. Objectives and levels scale based on squad size. This is great if you want to keep an Incursion short and sweet. It’s also convenient for rescuing MIA operatives. You can skip straight to airlocks to bypass subzones without having to worry about wasting any teammates' time.  

Some objectives are honestly easier solo too. Stealth is more challenging with a squad. The Biopsy objective, for example, tasks you with performing a stealth takedown on an elite Archaean. It’s a lot to ask of three people to remain completely undetected. One person can easily slip by enemies and complete the task.

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Now you know how to play solo, single player incursions in Rainbow Six Extraction. Trading in the loud firepower of a full squad for a solo sneaking mission is possible and enjoyable. If you want to make the most of your Solid Snake impression, we’ve got tactics for any incursion. Find that, and all of our Rainbow Six Extraction guides, on our R6E guides page.  


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Published Jan. 27th 2022

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