Kingdom Hearts 3: lightsabers and bunny cops?

Rumors claim that the new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer to be shown at E3 will include worlds from Zootopia, Marvel, and Star Wars.

Lightsabers and bunny cops are what we may be getting if recent speculation on the inclusion of new worlds from Zootopia, Marvel, and Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts 3 are true. Prior reports speculated that a trailer for the much anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 will be unveiled at E3 later this June, and now reports of these new worlds have been added to the mix.

Moreover, the game is now expected to drop in April 2017. Square Enix previously confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will feature worlds based on Big Hero 6 and Tangled, plus Mt. Olympus from Hercules, where past games focused only on Olympus Coliseum and the Underworld. Further guesses at the inclusion of worlds and characters from Frozen, as rumored before, have also been rehashed. 

While there is no confirmation from Square Enix on these potential worlds, reports maintain that the new worlds will show up in the upcoming E3 trailer. Kingdom Hearts co-director Tai Yasue has mentioned in the past that Square is considering the inclusion of Marvel and Star Wars worlds, but gaining the rights to do this would be a roadblock. Either way, we can look forward to finding out more details about the game at E3 starting June 14.


Published Jun. 9th 2016

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