Humble Bundle X Arrives

It's time to game on with some help from Humble Bundle X. Low prices, great games!

Humble Bundle has done it again. With this new bundle ending within 10 days of this article, you'll be able to get your hands on some of your favorite games which are available on Steam. 

What games are included?

  • To the Moon - In this wonderful RPG themed game, your heart will melt for this one-of-a-kind story. If that isn't enough, you'll enjoy this 16-bit graphic game bringing back some great nostalgic memories.
  • Reus - Within this game, you'll be playing as a giant 'god' like creature, who can not only control the landscape, but alter the lives of humans. As these life-forms become greedy and go to war, you can fight against them and take sides.
  • Joe Danger 2: The Movie - Joe Danger is back again and doing some of his death-defying stunts never seen before. Time to go big or go home.
  • Papo & Yo - Within this game you'll be playing as Quico who is in search for a cure, for his best friend's disease. Enjoy this puzzling game to the fullest, while helping out your dear Monster.

  • Surgeon Simulator 2013 - Time to get your hands dirty with Surgeon Simulator 2013. Whether you're an aspiring doctor, or just like to mess around, this game will entertain you for hours as you scalpel away.

If any of these games seem even a bit good, you can get them all for a minimum of $5.32 (USD). Remember, you can always give more to Humble Bundle, and the proceeds will go to charities of your choice. Time to grab your keyboard and mouse, and game on!

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Published Jan. 10th 2014

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