New FCC Filing Could Point to SNES Games for Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo has submitted a new FCC filing for a wireless SNES controller compatible with the Switch, and there's something rather important about the timing.

Nintendo has submitted another new FCC filing, only this time, it's for a brand-new piece of hardware: a wireless SNES controller compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

A user on Resetera spotted the filing, which can be viewed here. The model code begins with HAC, which is the code used for all hardware associated with the Nintendo Switch.

New pieces of technology and communication technology have to be approved by the FCC before they release, which means it's often a good time to spot a company's plans for upcoming announcements well before they're officially revealed.

Such was the case with the recent Nintendo Switch hardware revision that improved battery power thanks to a modified processor.

SNES controllers aren't anything new for the Switch. Third-party peripherals manufacturers have been releasing various forms of controllers past and present since the system launched, including the new 8bitDo SNES-styled controller.

What makes this controller potentially something special is the timing.

Nintendo Switch Online is coming up on its one-year anniversary in September, and fans have long been asking for more retro games aside from the exhausted supply of NES games released for the service every month.

It's no secret Nintendo Switch Online lacks some key features, and it's something Nintendo recognizes as well.

Outside of cloud saves and sporadic special demos and discounts, subscribers only get access to a digital library of NES games. Many of those are firmly situated on the obscure side of gaming history, too, like this month's offerings of Kung-Fu Hero and Vice: Project Doom. More popular retro titles would certainly be an appealing addition for the online service.

Since NES controllers were released for the Switch when Nintendo added NES games to the Online service, this new filing has many wondering whether we might actually see SNES games released for Nintendo Switch Online starting next month.

Only time will tell. 


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Published Aug. 13th 2019

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