Keplerth: How to Get Silver Ore

There are a few ways to get silver ore to make silver bars in Keplerth.

You're going to need silver ore to make into silver bars at a certain point in your Keplerth progression, and finding it can be a real chore. You can mine it up manually, or you can take a couple different routes to adding some silver ore to your stockpile in a pinch.

How to Get Silver Ore in Keplerth

The most obvious method of obtaining silver ore is through mining, but you can't just do it on any floor of the underground. Silver ore is only found on floors five and deeper, but it is still relatively difficult to come by.

This is where you can start to get creative with how you approach material gathering in Keplerth.

The first thing to note is that you can craft a Silver Ore Detector at a miner vendor NPC. You can craft detectors for each type of ore, as well as one to detect all types of ore, provided you have the materials.

Making the Miner Simple Lift isn't a bad idea, either.

To make a Silver Ore Detector, you need 10 silver bars and five microchips. How do you get the 10 bars if you can't find any ore in the first place? By buying the ore outright.

These same miner vendor NPCs have a chance to sell silver ore on their shelves, and later gold ore, in stacks of 10. You can purchase a stack and take it home to smelt at a furnace, then come back and make a detector.

This isn't all, though. If you are especially deprived of silver ore, it's time to crack that wallet of yours wide open and buy silver weapons from blacksmiths. Then take them back to your base and throw them in a furnace to smelt them back down into silver bars.

You can actually do this with any tier of ore, and it is a good way to also get gold in the initial stages of the gold bar tier of tech.

Hopefully this helps you and whoever you're playing with keep pushing through your adventures in Keplerth. Check out some of our other Keplerth guides, such as how to make replicas.

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Published Jun. 2nd 2022

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