Reference Guide to Splatoon's Weapons

An in-depth look at each of the weapons available in Splatoon!

We finally got an in-depth look at the various weapons included in Nintendo's newest shooter during the May 7th Splatoon Direct, and what an arsenal it is! With the large selection and countless combinations, every player is sure to find a set that suits them best. You can watch the weapon's segment of the direct below, or scroll further to get the skinny.

The game features three weapon types: Main Weapons, Sub Weapons, and Special Weapons. Players go into battle with "sets" (aka loadouts) composed of one weapon from each category.


Main weapons are the primary tool used by inklings to claim turf. There are three varieties of main weapons: shooters, chargers, and rollers. 


spatoon shooter main weapon guide

Shooters are used for rapid-fire inking and short range blasts to the opponent. 

Splattershot: Standard shooter that spits rapid-fire blasts when holding down the shoot button. 

Aerospray MG: Short-ranged but wide angled shooter with rapid bursts.

Jet Squelcher: Longest-ranged bust slowest shooter that can be used effectively as a sniper.

The Blaster: Shoots bullets that explode into ink, catching nearby enemies in the blast or obliterating targets who are hit directly.



spatoon charger main weapon guide

Chargers are made for long-distance shooting, sniping, and quickly creating streams of ink.

Splat Charger: Standard charger that requires a short charge and quickly creates a steady stream which you can swim through. 

E-liter 3K: Long-ranged charger that requires a more timely charge. 

Splatterscope: Long-ranged charger featuring a scope, perfect for sniping. 



spatoon roller main weapon guide

Rollers are perfect for advancing while marking turf and steam-rolling opponents. Each can also be swung to splatter surrounding enemies. 

Splat Roller: Standard roller that has a medium speed for its type and is great for mowing down a line of enemies. 

Dynamo Roller: Slow-speed roller with a wide brush that also deflects enemy fire when swinging. 



spatoon sub weapon guide strategy

Sub Weapons are a variety of unique tools to assist inklings in their take-over. Each consumes a relatively large amount of available ink. There are ten types in total. 

Splat Bomb: A triangular prism shaped grenade that blasts a small area after being thrown.

Sprinkler: An ink sprayer that can stick to walls, ceilings, or the floor.

Seeker: An inkling-seeking subweapon that hunts down an opponent, killing them with a small ink-spraying blast after making a steady stream leading to their location.

Splash Wall: A T-shaped mechanical sprayer that shoots ink downward from its arms and effectively acts as a barrier.

Suction Bomb: A bomb that explodes a short time after being thrown onto a wall, ceiling, or floor, on which it latches.

Burst Bomb: Water-balloon type bombs that explode on contact, but consume less ink and can, therefore, be used rapidly.

Point Sensor: Device that reveals the location of enemy inklings caught in it's blast range and shares their location with all teammates.

Ink Mine: A mine invisible to opponents  that can be laid in your teams ink. It will detonate after a certain amount of time, or when an enemy passes by.

Squid Beacon: A tool that allows all teammates to super-jump to the location in which it was placed.

Disruptor: A tool that slows down and limits the abilities of rival squid caught in its blast range.



spatoon special weapon bubbler

Special Weapons are extremely powerful tools that can only be used after filling up a gauge by covering the ground with ink. 

Inkzooka: A gun that blasts ink tornadoes that travel a short range.

Killer Wail: Emits a huge sound wave that doesn’t spread any ink, but kills all opponents caught in the blast.

Inkstrike: Players can touch a location on the Wii U Gamepad to launch a huge rocket that creates a gigantic ink-tornado.

Echolocator: Allows the entire team to see the location of all enemies for a short amount of time.

Bubbler: A protective bubble that deflects enemy attacks. It can also be transferred to nearby teammates.

Kraken: Turns the inkling's squid-form into an invincible Kraken for a short period of time.

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Published May. 18th 2015
  • Hudson_2929
    Um it looks like the Point Sensor and the Echolocator are identical... yet one is a sub weapon and one is a special? How do they both actually work?
  • amaadify
    Featured Contributor
    good catch! They are a bit similar, but the Point Sensor is like a grenade and only reveals the location of enemies caught in its blast range, while the Echolocator reveals the location of ALL enemies for a short period of time. I changed the description to better reflect that.
  • Hudson_2929
    Hey awesome! Thanks!

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