Turtle Rock Release Unfinished Left 4 Dead Campaign After Eight Years!

Developers of the original Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios, have released the scrapped campaign as an add-on.

After eight years Turtle Rock Studios have released the unfinished campaign map for Left 4 Dead called "Dam It." Likely due to having some free time on their hands now that 2K have said they're no longer working on Evolve.

This map is one of the more sizeable maps in the game and has you travelling through fuel storage buildings (don't use fire weapons), an apple orchard, a graveyard with crawling half-zombies, a ravine, a bridge, and camping ground before the two huge finale events. One of these events has you at the dam, and the other has you running through a burning forest (which sounds awesome).

The add-on was designed to shake up the original games formula, as most of the time reaching the end of a level you wait for a vehicle to arrive while fending off waves of undead.

It manages to mix things up by forcing you to separate in to two teams, one group needs to use the winch in the forest to move logs out of their path, which in turn would then trigger a zombie horde attack. The other set of players is in a nearby watch tower, and so is able to cover their team mates with hunting rifles.

If you want to try out the add-on for yourself then check it out on the offical Augerresources.com website.


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Published Nov. 6th 2016

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