Necromunda: Hired Gun — How to Equip Weapons

Wondering how to equip guns in Necromunda: Hired Gun? Here's what you need to do in and out of missions to bring the right weapons with you.

Necromunda: Hired Gun has a really back-to-basics feel in terms of its shooting and platforming. It's fast-paced run-n-gun action not a world away from the shooters of the early 1990s. Despite this, it has a strange way of managing weaponry and equipment. Unlike Doom and other games of its ilk, you can pick up every weapon you find in a level. But how do you equip weapons in Necromunda: Hired Gun

This quick guide will tell you how to equip weapons in and out of missions in Necromunda: Hired Gun so you always have the right guns and death dealers at your disposal. 

Necromunda: Hired Gun How to Equip Weapons In and Out Missions

You may have missed the prompt in the first tutorial mission, which explains that you can have a special slot to equip weapons to during missions. Every other weapon you pick up simply goes to your armory and can be kept or sold during the post-mission loot screen.

You can chop and change your single weapon slot as many times as you want, but be sure to pick up the weapons you come across and don't leave anything behind.

As mentioned in our inventory guide, there is no Necromunda: Hired Gun inventory, but a post-mission loot screen will show you all of the weapons you have collected during a mission. It also lets you choose whether to keep them in your personal inventory or sell them.

Between missions, you will find yourself in Martyr's End, where you can buy guns, bionic augments, and upgrade your guns. When you are ready to fight, you select a mission from the terminal screen. This will bring up your loadout screen.

From here, you can select what guns and gear to take with you as you battle gangers.


You will only be able to equip two pistols, and either two standard weapons, two special weapons, two heavy weapons, or a mix.

This screen is also where you equip your armor and status times, of which your inventory can hold four. But you can equip one and three, respectively.

You can also buy Proximity Grenades, Medkits, and Stimms here, which are fairly self-explanatory. Also up for grabs are Ratskin Maps and Treasure maps, which improve the quality of loot found in chests during missions, and changes which are consumed when a trapped chest is opened.

And that's how you equip weapons in and out of missions in Necromunda: Hired Gun. Now you also know how to buy and upgrade guns, as well as how many you can take with you into combat.


Published Jun. 8th 2021

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