Gotta Drink 'Em All! Cocktails for #019 Rattata through #028 Sandslash

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#027 Sandshrew

Found in the grasses around Cerulean City and other seaside towns, Sandshrews thrive in warm habitats like beaches and deserts. Though this Pokemon seems cute and docile at first blush, well, it's got claws.

To match with Sandshrew's ground typing, we've created a yogurt-based drink that also incorporates curry powder. To take the earthiness to the next level, we've also chosen whiskey as our liquor here. This drink can be changed dramatically based on your choice of yogurt. We recommend Greek yogurt, in either plain or vanilla flavors. The vanilla flavor will result in a sweeter, smoother drink while the plain yogurt will give the drink a surprising sour kick.


In a cocktail shaker, add 1.5 oz whiskey, 1 heaping tbsp Greek yogurt, .75 oz simple syrup, and 1 or 2 dashes of curry powder. Shake well (really well), and strain into a tall thin glass.

Published Jun. 2nd 2016

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