Gotta Drink 'Em All! Cocktails for #019 Rattata through #028 Sandslash

#019 Rattata

Rattata gets a bad rap.

It's a hard-working Pokemon, and to be honest, a perfectly serviceable normal-type early on in your adventure. Yeah, it's not the strongest, or cutest, or most interesting, or most unique, or... wait, what was I talking about again?

Oh yeah! Rattata. The Rattata cocktail pays homage to Rattata's humble roots with its bare-bones nature. It's a simple mixture of vodka and seltzer water, with a couple of dashes of vanilla extract. Poured over a rocks glass full of ice, the aromas will fill and tantalize your nose. See? There's nothing wrong with being vanilla.


In a rocks glass filled with ice, add 1.5 oz vodka and 1 or 2 dashes of vanilla extract. Add seltzer water until the ice is submerged. Stir and enjoy.

Published Jun. 2nd 2016

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