6 RPGs With Terrible Animations That Are Still Worth Your Time

Final Fantasy XV

Beauty is a Beast (to Control)

One of my first impressions/concerns of Final Fantasy XV after watching gameplay footage was, ”this looks fun but sluggish.” It looked as if there was so much concentration placed into making an attack feel weighty that it ended up making it feel slow and unresponsive. Similarly, some of the animations were made to look so aesthetically beautiful that they don’t actually feel all that good, like jumping.

When I first played ME:A, I wasn’t in love with the look of the jump --  although it wasn’t bad --  then I realized it felt great, and this made me love it way more. This was the opposite reaction I had to the jump in FFXV.

That being said, FFXV is a fun road trip with your pals, especially the earlier parts. And there’s something cathartic about that.

Published Apr. 13th 2017

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