6 RPGs With Terrible Animations That Are Still Worth Your Time

Tales of Berseria

Cutting (and Clipping) Corners!

It can be hard to watch footage and get the feeling that the animations in Berseria are bad (they just don't look it). But playing the game conveys a huge lack of polish.

When you press the analog stick forward it feels like your character instantly starts running at full speed; the transition between standing and running is not smooth at all.

Your character also doesn’t rotate smoothly when running. It often looks like you are merely running straight and then your character is just rotated when they change direction. The character does not bother to lean towards the direction they are moving as they shift their weight.

It's a lot of subtlety that was not there in the PS2’s generation, but which was brought into animation on the last gen of consoles.

Moreover, many of the attacks in Tales of Berseria yank your character around, removing them from their “center of gravity” so to speak. For instance, there’s an attack where your character hops right of where she was standing and leaps from right to left while swiping. She starts in the middle, jumps off the the right, and then yanks over to the left before unnaturally resetting in the middle. In short, the animations feel low budget.

Thankfully the anime style helps save the day. Character models don’t need to be as detailed because of this. A lot of the dialogue that’s delivered via text blurbs is also accompanied by anime portraits. And the fully animated cutscenes are honestly gorgeous.

Published Apr. 13th 2017

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