Core Keeper: How to Get Slime Oil

Wondering how to get Slime Oil to entice the Slime Merchant to your base in Core Keeper? Here's what to do.

You need Slime Oil to invite the Slime Merchant to stay at your base in Core Keeper, so it makes sense that you can't just find it out in the world. You've got to slay the game's first and easiest boss to get your hands on it.

This particular oil is not used as a crafting ingredient of any sort; it is entirely intended to lure the Slime Merchant to a habitable room. So don't have any trepidation about slapping it down as decor and walking away from it.

How to Get Slime Oil in Core Keeper

You'll have to beat up Glurch the Abominous Mass to get the Slime Oil you seek. Glurch is luckily found in the dirt biome you start in, though figuring out his location might be a little tricky. He can be anywhere in the area.

The only indicator of Glurch's location is the tremors from it hopping in its dedicated area. Once your screen starts to shake, you know you're getting closer to your target.

Defeating Glurch the Abominous Mass is quick and easy with even lower-tier weapons or even just a slingshot. If you're uncertain about your chances, you can clear out some of the slime around the arena with a shovel before initiating to make maneuvering easy.

All you have to do is hit Glurch a few times, wait for it to blink white, then move out of the way so it doesn't jump into you. Rinse and repeat this pattern until it's dead as a doornail.

With the boss dead, you can now get what you came for. Open the chest left by Glurch. It will have Slime Oil along with some other goodies or you to take home. Heck, you can even pick up the Slime Chest and use it elsewhere — worth it considering its holding capacity. This will also be your first encounter with the Slime Merchant.

Slime Oil now in hand, you can entice the Slime Merchant to come peddle wares permanently at your base. Check out our other Core Keeper guides here on GameSkinny, such as how to find iron ore and how to find Ancient Feathers, for additional help making your way through this cooperative sandbox.

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Published Apr. 27th 2022

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