Best Switch Minecraft Seeds August 2020

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Seed: -1088625115

Coordinates: 27, 68, 161
Biomes: Forest, Mountain

This Minecraft Nintendo Switch seed features a Portal Village pretty close to spawn at coordinates 27, 68, 161. Here, you can find an Armorer, as well as a ton of goodies in the chest by the portal, such as obsidian, and golden gear. That way, you'll be plenty prepared when you dive into The Nether. 

The best Nintendo Switch Minecraft seeds aren't limited to these ones — they're just the best ones we've encountered while playing for the month of August 2020. For more on Minecraft, don't forget to click the links above or visit its hub page here, where you'll find lots of guides, tips, and tricks.  

Published Jul. 27th 2020

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