Allods Online Russia Gets Subscription-Based Server

The Russian version of Allods Online is getting a separate subscription-based server. Can't say it's pay to win now, right?

Allods Online is definitely one of the more high quality free to play MMORPGs, but the real money cost of being and staying competitive late game is just too high. The Russian version of the game is fixing that problem with a separate subscription-based server -- quite the practical solution for hardcore players.

Characters made on the subscription servers will have not be able to purchase items from the cash shop, instead they will have to be found and purchased in-game.

Why isn't this type of option more prevalent? Having separate pay to play and free to play servers for a single game would alleviate so much of the complaining that sprouts from a game being free to play. Players looking for a tight-knit community and a level playing field could just subscribe while players looking to have fun could just stick to the free to play servers.

No matter how you feel about Allods Online as a game, it's hard to deny this a great idea. Will the North American Allods Online server get something similar? Considering gPotato being gPotato, probably not. One can dream, though!


Source: Allods Online RU
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Published Jan. 17th 2013

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