Welcome to PokeLand! New Pokemon App For iOS and Android

Brand new Pokemon app has just been announced, and has similar features as recent games such as Pokemon Go.

Pokeland, the new Poke-app has just been announced -- and has its own official Japanese website. According to this site and other trainers, this app is meant to resemble Pokemon Rumble.

This is the starting of a new Pokemon trend, especially since this announcement is nearing the one-year anniversary of Niantic Labs' release for Pokemon Go -- which has been changing the Pokemon gaming experience with recent updates, worldwide adventures, and seasonal events that give players a chance to find rarer and rarer Pokemon.

PokeLand, however, is different from PoGo. It's meant for dueling on virtual islands within the game, so you don't have to go for a walk to get a Totodile. It also can connect to your Nintendo account and implement your Mii characters.

Currently the app is in alpha testing, and is only available on Android in Japan for now. After alpha testing, all progress will be erased for the major release in (hopefully) the near future.


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Published Jun. 27th 2017

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