The absolute strangest simulators out there

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At its core, nearly any game could be considered a “simulator” without having to actually have the word “Sim” in its name. What's Call Of Duty but a retro/modern/futuristic warfare simulator? What's Fallout 4 except for a terrible dad simulator? What's Borderlands if not a pure-awesome simulator?

That being said, many games go out of their way to simulate experiences you won't normally get to try out, like city planning with Sim City, or living the Satanic nightmare jetpack goat life with Goat Simulator. That's not even the most odd sim out there, with everything from I Am Bread (its exactly what it sounds like) to Soda Drinker Pro (sigh...) arriving in recent years.

Despite how utterly un-marketable these games appear to be, they keep coming, and in greater numbers -- probably due in no small part to Goat Simulator making buckets of cash and becoming an online phenomena (if the developers had any integrity, they'd feed those buckets of cash to a goat).

We've already covered some truly bizarre NSFW simulators in the past, like the masturbation sim What's Under Your Blanket or the dick-pic simulator Cobra Club. There's more though, oh so many more, and today we're going to look at nine of the most odd.

Published Jun. 23rd 2016

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