How to Complete Ally: Crash Landing in Fallout 76

Complete the Fallout 76 Ally: Crash Landing quest with the help of this Wasteladers guide.

The once desolate and empty world of Fallout 76 is now replete with NPCs to interact with thanks to the Wastelanders update. That means new quests and things to do, including completing the Ally: Crash Landing quest with Commander Daguerre. 

Since you can now recruit allies to help you out in Wastelanders, completing this quest is a good way to provide a general boost to your overall power in the wasteland. 

Commander Daguerre, a badass who is more than ready and willing to help you take out anything foolish enough to stand in your way, is a good ally to have. You need to be able to find them first, though, and then you'll need to scratch their back before they'll watch yours. Here's how to do it. 

How to Complete Ally: Crash Landing in Fallout 76

The first thing you'll need to do is reach Level 20+. If you've just started, then this might take a few hours. 

Once you reach Level 20+ — or if you're already there — you now need to find Commander Daguerre. They're in The Mire, very close to the East Ridge Lookout

From the East Ridge Lookout, head south, down the side of the cliff until you find an Abandoned Bunker. Then make your way inside and head right. You'll find Commander Daguerre there in a bit of a state. 

Chat with her, and she'll ask you to find her crashed ship and recover some data from it. The ship is southwest of your current location at the Abandoned Bunker, so make your way over to the marker and start downloading the data.

The takes a couple of minutes, and, naturally, you'll be attacked by a suicide mutant while you're waiting. This can be tricky if you've only just hit Level 20, so it's worth making sure you're a little stronger if you want to have an easier time of things. Listen out for the mini-nuke beeping and have a long-range weapon handy. 

Head on back to Daguerre, and she'll ask you to get an encryption key from a nearby robot named Pandora. Naturally, this isn't a peaceful affair, so you'll have to be ready to throw down with the Assaultron to get the key.

Take shots at the legs to incapacitate them, and then finish them off. If you have a sniper rifle or shotgun, bring those along, and use the Enforcer perk. If you're good at sneaking and feel brave, melee can work well, too. 

Once you're done, return to the Abandoned Bunker.

It's at this point that the Commander will talk about wishing they head a working console, and you can invite them to your C.A.M.P. and build them one. 


That's it for the Ally: Crashing Landing quest in Fallout 76. Now that you have Daguerre in your camp, she becomes a romance option and provides a longer questline, which has an awesome alien weapon as a reward. For more on Fallout 76, check our guides hub


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Published Apr. 20th 2020

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