NoA and The Food Network come together to make Splatoon-inspired meals

Nintendo teams up with The Food Network to make Splatoon-inspired squid meals. Callie and Marie disapprove.

Nintendo of America is known for doing some very silly things. During Nintendo Directs, Reggie is basically a walking meme. Various Twitter posts have involved amiibos doing ridiculous things like eating an entire Thanksgiving meal. However, things just got a little darker at NoA with their latest team up with Foodie Call's Justin Warner where they decided to make some squid meals inspired by the Splatoon video game.

Inspired by Nintendo, Justin invited Nintendo's David Young to make two dishes inspired by the Splatoon video game. For those who still don't know what Splatoon is, the game revolves around inkling squid-kids shooting ink around a map to claim territory while splatting one another with various water-gun and ink-spraying devices.

So what did Nintendo of America and Foodie Call decide was an appropriate meal to make based on this game? Squid. Worst of all, they decided to base it on the beloved Squid Sisters: Callie and Marie!

That's right, they made meals based off of Inkling stars Callie and Marie! What a tragic day it is when helpless inklings are butchered to serve our own selfish desires for squid-based meals.

Okay, so that's a bit of an overreaction. The meals actually look really great, and I tried making them myself. The results certainly do vary, but it did taste pretty good - provided that you actually like seafood. The meals are pretty simple, just remember that all parts of a squid tend to be expensive, especially if it's fresh!

That said, it still feels a bit awkward pulling apart a fresh squid while the image of Callie and Marie are still in my head...

If you're interested in watching the preparation for yourself, you can watch it below! It is only available in the United States though, so if you live elsewhere you can watch it through a proxy here.

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Published Nov. 30th 2015
  • RegalSin
    So now we are promoting eating cheap food groups. Remember what Xena said "some things even eadable are not made for consumtion". Cheap food..

    Meanwhile we get to see more demonic sisters transform and parade giving our sons all kinds of paranoid wet dreams

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