Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Social Link Guide

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The Emperor Social Link: Kanji Tatsumi

Description: In order to activate Kanji's Social Link you have to speak to a girl on the 2nd Floor of the Learning Building, she will be there from June 9th onward. After talking to her, you should be able to find Kanji on the 1st Floor of the Practice Building. When the Emperor S.L reaches level 3 Kanji learns his own unique follow-up move: Atomic Press, which deals critical damage to all enemies. When Kanji's S.L is completely maxed out the player gains the ability to fuse Odin and Kanji's persona transforms into Rokuten Moah.

Availability: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. On holidays and Sundays Kanji is found in the Northern Shopping District.

Attitude with Kanji: Supporting Kanji and always being loyal to him is usually appreciated by Kanji. However sometimes it is better to be blunt and forward than subtle and caring, Kanji does prefer this type of attitude.

Ultimate Persona: Odin. As an Ultimate Persona, Odin is a very adaptable and powerful and is unlocked at level 74. He has a mixture of wind and lightning attacks, including the strongest wind attack known as Panta Rhei. He also has a Regen ability that gives the player health at the begging of their turn in battles.

Published Jul. 2nd 2015

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