Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Social Link Guide

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The Lovers Social Link: Rise Kujikawa

Description: The Lovers Social Link is automatically activated on July 23rd. While advancing Rise's S.L the Player can develop a "lovers relationship" with her. Unlike the other members of your team, Rise is a support-only character, so she never learns a follow-up move. However as you get further in the Lovers S.L she learns new support abilities. These powers, such as Enemy Scan and Weakness Scan, can really come in handy while dungeon-crawling. Once the Lovers S.L is maxed out Rise's Persona does evolve into Kanzeon and additionally grants the Player the ability to fuse an Ultimate Persona.

Availability: Rise can usually be found in school on Friday and Saturday. She can be found in the South Shopping District on both Sundays and holidays.

Attitude with Rise: Rise is a rather deep and unique character who seems really energetic and ditzy on the surface, but is actually hiding serious insecurities and questions about her how identity. When interacting with her being playful is usually a good move, however when she is serious it is for the best to follow suit and seriously try to help her with her problems.

Ultimate Persona: Ishtar. This Persona is unlocked at level 71 and packs a real wallop as it has a very strong Magic stat and has multiple healing abilities for status ailments and health problems. Ishtar is a solid Persona that can really help the Player out during boss battles.

Published Jul. 2nd 2015

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