Counter Strike 2: How to 1v1 in CS2

Face off against your friends mano-a-mano, let us show you how to 1v1 in CS2.

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Counter Strike 2 is a team-based shooter with lots of strategies involved. That said, sometimes you just want to play a 1v1 with your friend. This is a great way to have fun and practice in a smaller session. It’s slightly different than joining matchmaking, and you’ll need console commands to do it. However, the process isn’t that complex. In fact, it takes just a few steps. Here’s how to 1v1 in CS2.

How to 1v1 in CS2

The only way to currently host a 1v1 session in Counter Strike 2 is if you and your friend are using the same internet connection. This can either by using a LAN cable connection or using the same Wi-Fi network. Further, 1v1 is done through the use of console commands. While this may sound daunting at first, trust us: it’s quite simple and requires only a few commands that we’ll show you.

  • First, enable the console by going to Settings in the top left.
  • In the “Game” tab, find the “Enable Developer Console” option.
  • Set it to yes.
  • Console commands are now available.
  • You can launch the console with the backtick/tilde (~) key to the left of your “1” key.

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How to Host a 1v1 Match in CS2

From here, hosting a CS2 1v1 session is all about a few commands from the console and having your friend join your game. This is done in three simple steps by using the following commands:

  • Step 1: To start your 1v1 server, open the console and input the command “map map_name” without quotes. Use the precise name of your map. For example, “map de_dust2” and hit enter.  This will start your server with the chosen map loaded.
  • Step 2: There will be bots present in the game, so we need to kick them with the “bot_kick” command.
  • Step 3: Now, send the IP address of your server to your friend. You can find the address by inputting the “status” command and copying just the address from the first line below the command. It should look something like 192.168.X.XXX:XXXXX.
  • Step 4: Copy this address, share it with your friend, and have them input the command “connect” followed by a space. Then have them paste your address and hit enter.

Ta-da! You are now in a 1v1 with your friend. You can now set some game mode rules depending on the kind of game you want to play.

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Counter Strike 2 1v1 Match Game Mode Commands

To make your game rules similar to what the competitive mode presents, make sure to input these commands:

  • mp_startmoney 1500
  • mp_freezetime 5
  • mp_buytime 0.20
  • mp_roundtime_defuse 1.5
  • mp_warmup_end 1

As you may have guessed, these commands modify the various phases of the game. From the buying phase to starting money, you can edit the values and create a customized experience for you and your friend.

That’s how to 1v1 in CS2 with your friends over LAN or on the same Wi-Fi. If you found this guide useful, you can browse through our other Counter Strike 2 tips in our guides hub. There are tons of game modes to explore, but nothing beats a good old 1v1.

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