Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Social Link Guide

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The Moon Social Link: Ai Ebihara

Description: After getting the Strength S.L to Rank 4 there will be a cutscene with Ai. After this cutscene Ai will be in the School Lobby. In order to activate her S.L the Player needs to be able to agree to skip class with her (This requires the Player's Courage to be at Level 3 or Courage Level). After agreeing to skipping class, Ai will ask you to do it the next day during lunch. While advancing this S.L the Player can develop a "lovers relationship" with Ai. During this S.L Ai will ask you to be "fake lovers" which you must agree to in order to continue her S.L. This doesn't lock you into a relationship until the option of being True Lovers occurs.

Availability: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and some Sundays (if she calls you).

Attitude with Ai: Ai can be rather temperamental. A wrong choice of words can put her in reverse, or stopping the S.L from progressing. Usually not being too blunt, or truthful, is the best policy. Also don't refuse to ask either Daisuke or Kyo (depending on who the Strength S.L) what their type is.

Ultimate Persona: Sandalphon. This Ultimate Persona is unlocked at level 84. Sandalphon mostly has light attacks as well as healing spells. However it also has Agneystra, a powerful physical spell that inflicts "severe" damage on all enemies 1-3 times.

Published Jul. 2nd 2015

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