Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Social Link Guide

The Sun Social Link: Ayane Matsunaga or Yumi Ozawa

Description: Similar to the Strength S.L, the Sun Social Link can be formed by joining either the Symphonic Band or the Drama Club. The player has the option of joining either one starting on April 25th. If the player chooses the Band then Ayane is the Sun S.L, while Yumi takes her place if Drama Club is chosen. During this S.L the Player can develop a "lovers relationship" with Yumi/Ayane.

Availability: Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Despite having so few days for furthering this Social Link, it is one of the few S.L's that can be chosen if it is raining.

Attitude with Yumi/Ayane: Unlike Daisuke and Kou, Ayane and Yumi are very different characters. Ayane is very soft-spoken and appreciates it when you stand up for her and assist her with her usually overwhelming jobs. Yumi is more independent and values a more bold approach however with personal matters she is a bit withdrawn and is prone to snap the player.

Ultimate Persona: Asura. This Persona is unlocked at level 86. Asura boasts fire, physical and light attacks so it is very versatile in battle. It also has the special ability called Unshakeable Will that protects the player from all status effects.

Published Jul. 2nd 2015

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