EGX 2015: Day 4 - The Day The Breach Closed

I didn't play many games on day 4, only 4 of them, I did however make my friends play some of the other games I loved.

I spent the fourth, and final, day of EGX 2015 with friends. I got to become a tour guide and show them the place. I even very sneakily got a few into the Elite: Dangerous HTC Vive booth, when it was quiet, by saying we were all press. Sorry to all those in line, I'm a bad person.

Enough of this preamble! On with the games!

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

I've written about my experience with the alpha already, and my thoughts on the game haven't really changed. Except everything I had an issue with has either been fixed, or at least improved on. That's about it, I still really like the game, and it's just improved from before. Yet I still have this sense that it will drop off the radar after a month of playing.

Tango Fiesta

If you've ever heard of Helldivers, you know basically what this Tango Fiesta is about. But it's a more colourful version of Helldivers. Which splits Tango Fiesta apart from Helldivers. Also you are not fighting aliens, or mêlée focused enemies in Tango Fiesta. There are far more things happening on-screen as everyone has a gun. It's crazy frantic action!

The basics are that you drop into a level and have some objectives to complete, once you complete them all you have completed the level. Shooting pushes you back, so if you have a faster firing weapon you can find yourself a good distance from where you started firing from.

There is 4-player local or online multiplayer, but each player has their own score, it's not shared. Not only will your friends get you killed, or not save you, they will have a higher score than you. Basically I'm saying just be better than them, and you can be smug about it.

Beyond Flesh and Blood

You are a Combat Frame, or to be more precise Ethan Cunningham controlling a Combat Frame. Beyond Flesh and Blood is a third person shooter inspired by Gears of War, which is something I hadn't heard in a while. While I don't see the similarity, it doesn't stop Beyond Flesh and Blood being a lot of fun.

You have a lot of freedom with the movement, with a dash which gets you out of trouble in a dash, and a jump which send you high enough into the air without making you feel like you can't get up to anything, as sometimes high jump heights are met with higher platforms or walls. Melee is an option, but I found it best used when finishing off an enemy who has just been knocked down, or against snipers who find it hard to shoot close range. And the fire in Beyond Flesh and Blood is beatiful, I mention The Division having nice fire on day 3. As Beyond Flesh and Blood is powered by Unreal 4, now an indie team can have fire looking that good too.

EGX 2015 is sadly over, thanks for reading guys

That was all the games I played today, that I hadn't before. For the rest we spent a good long while playing Rektangle, who knew a multiplayer game could become more fun when playing with friends instead of strangers. We also hung out around Gang Beasts, which for those who don't know is a fighting game which is physics driven, which just makes the clay like models look more than very drunk. It's one of the best party games, and always makes people laugh.

Thank you for reading each rundown, but there is still some more EGX 2015 content to come, keep an eye on the EGX 2015 tag for it.

Now, before I go I would like you ask you one question. If you attended EGX, what was your favourite game? If you didn't attend, out of all the games I've mentioned in each daily rundown, which do you like the sound of the most?

I ask because I have a list of my top 4 games of EGX 2015 coming soon.

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Published Sep. 29th 2015

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