Top 5 Companions in Gaming

HK-47 – Knights of the Old Republic

HK-47 is a Hunter-Killer droid and Jedi hunter created by Darth Revan, the Dark Lord of the Sith. HK-47 loves his job, which just so happens to be killing humans, which he refers to as 'meatbags.' He seems pretty harmless when you first purchase him; only after does he reveal how sadistic he truly is, relishing the though of having a master, but fully enjoying putting holes in “meatbags."

For a droid, he is extremely sociopathic, enjoying death and destruction with no regards for anyone innocent, and as his master you are the only safe thing in his path. Being an assassin droid, Hk-47 is efficient in stealth roles and open combat, using a large variety of weapons. At one point HK-47 tried to start a droid army and take over the humans--he was defeated however, but escaped destruction, thus leading back to serving masters throughout the galaxy.

Published Feb. 17th 2014

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