New FREE puzzle platformer Eraser available now on iOS & Android

Quirky 2D puzzle platformer Eraser is a free, high-end mobile game with a difference.

Independent games developer Hiker Games has released a new, high-end mobile game this week across iOS and Android. 

Eraser is a puzzle platformer set in a world built upon a designer's blueprint. In it, you play an overworked designer that finds himself trapped inside his own work. In order to escape, you must work your way through a series of fast-paced physics puzzles, which are 'erased' as you complete them. Collecting stars along the way opens up new chapters for the protagonist to progress through to get ever-closer to completing his project.

The game boasts 70+ levels across 6 chapters, and despite its size and quality, it is completely, 100% free to download and play. CEO of Hiker Games, Nguyen Tuan Huy, explains how the developers wished to try something brand new for mobile gaming - offering high quality gaming for free, but without using the usual free-to-play methods: "Instead of IAPs or ads,[Eraser has] an honors system featuring a ‘donation’ area where players who truly enjoy [the game] can contribute.” 

Eraser is available for download now on the App Store and Google Play.

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Published Aug. 10th 2016

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