Resident Evil Village Necklace with Two Holes Treasure Guide

Wondering what's up with the Resident Evil Village Necklace with Two Holes? Here's how to use it to create one of the highest-value treasures in the game.

There are a lot of fiddly, optional mysteries in Resident Evil Village, many of which will likely go unsolved on your first trip through the game. One of them is the Necklace with Two Holes. 

As the description suggests, the necklace is incomplete. By itself, it can only be sold for a relative pittance, but there are two other objects hidden in the game that can restore it to its full value.


This Resident Evil Village guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Necklace with Two Holes and where to find the rubies needed to complete it. Minor spoilers for roughly the first half of Resident Evil Village follow 


How to Complete the Necklace with Two Holes Treasure

The Necklace itself can be found on your second trip into the village, following your escape from Castle Dimitrescu.


There's a door on the southeast side of the village that can only be opened with your new Iron Insignia Key, which you received from completing the piano puzzle in the Opera Hall. The door leads you to a ladder that will allow you to access your next story goal, but you can also find the Well Wheel in the hut behind the ladder.



The Well Wheel lets you raise the buckets on the seven wells found in the village. While the wells don't have a trophy/achievement or challenge associated with them, six of the seven contain a useful resource or treasure.


The Necklace with Two Holes is found in the well behind the village's church. On its own, it's only worth 4,000 Lei. You may want to pawn it now for quick cash, but if you're willing to hold onto it for a while longer, you'll get a much bigger payday.


When you return from the Reservoir later in the game with the Crank, you gain access to the last couple of hidden areas within the village, and with them, the two jewels that match the holes in the Necklace.


The first jewel is much easier to reach than the second. You probably spotted the mechanical door on the south side of the village earlier, back when you were playing hide-and-seek with the giant wolf. You can now open it with the Crank to find two chickens, as well as a ladder that takes you to the closest rooftop.


Here, you can find a dead villager with a small treasure chest that contains the Pigeon Blood Ruby. It's worth 3,000 Lei on its own.



You can combine the Pigeon Blood Ruby with the Necklace to create the Necklace with One Hole. This is worth 8,800 Lei, which is a slight improvement, but again, don't sell it yet.


The second jewel requires you to return to the Drawbridge and use the Crank to lower it. There's a fishing boat on the other side that can take you to a number of valuable secrets on either end of the river.


The one we care about, however, is to the north. This will take you back to the Craftsman's Hut, a save point you passed by after your fight with Lady Dimitrescu. You may have noticed there was a well in its back yard, and that's where we're headed.


Unlike the other six wells in the game, using the Well Wheel here raises a ladder, which will take you to a room that contains a puzzle.



Use the broken platform on the right to mantle up to the console overlooking the area. You can push the two buttons on the left to raise two platforms, which creates a bridge to the ledge across the room.



Once there, push the cart to the side, then return to the console and raise the platform with the cart. You can return to the other ledge and push the cart onto the broken platform in the middle of the room. Now you can use it as a stepping stone to get to the ledge above the locked door.



Drop down inside, and open the door to permanently raise all the platforms and clear your escape route. There are some valuable supplies in the formerly locked room, including a Magnum round, some grenades, and a Large Pigeon Blood Ruby. You can sell it by itself for 5,500 Lei.



For a much bigger score, though, combine it with the Necklace with One Hole to recreate Dimitrescu's Necklace, which you can sell to the Duke for a cool 50,000 Lei.


Completing the Necklace with Two Holes treasure means you can get one of the single largest payouts in the game, and it is well worth the extra effort if you're cash farming. For more on Resident Evil Village, consider heading over to our RE8 guides hub for tips on completing puzzles and finding every Goat of Warding in the game. 


Published May. 26th 2021

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