Independent Ladies: Strong Female Protagonists of Games Past

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Even though some games fall way under the mark when it comes to social equality, there have been continuous efforts to undermine the so-called "established formula" of females always being "damsels in distress" or otherwise unfairly represented. Every single one of these ladies has broken the mold, and every franchise they represent has gone onto greatness.

In truth, greatness can be found in all facets of life, and it doesn't know perceived barriers. I salute these great ladies, and everything that they've accomplished. Now, onto the list!

Published May. 27th 2015
  • Ainyan
    Such a truncated list of great female characters, but an excellent cross-section across multiple genres. :)
  • GamingGuru
    Thanks! I could write about every single one of these characters all day and have played every single one of them to completion, so you could imagine the amount of restraint I had to put forth! :-)

    I wouldn't mind writing a more detailed piece down the road, perhaps about all of them if I can! Thanks for reading! :-)

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