Independent Ladies: Strong Female Protagonists of Games Past

Heather Mason (Silent Hill 3, 2003)

The adopted daughter of Harry Mason, Heather is the main protagonist in Silent Hill 3. After enduring a nightmare in the local mall's burger shack, she begins to head home. However, she soon finds herself in a twisted version of reality, where hulking monsters and warring cultists hold dominion.

Unblinking, she brandishes her weapon and plows forward through sewers, an abandoned building, a hospital, and the Lakeside Amusement Park to find out why everything's gone crazy around her! Heather shows true grit, determination, and love despite being surrounded by some of the most horrific monstrosities ever concocted.

Guess no one in The Order ever demonstrated a shred of public service values!

Published May. 27th 2015

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