Five Underrated Games of Last Generation

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Killer is Dead

Killer is Dead is a game by Suda51 and was launched late in the life cycle of PS3 and 360. Killer is Dead was launched in 2013 and is also available on PC.

As most of Suda's games are; Killer is Dead is an beautiful piece of abstract art. Suda's games are typically a niche market and Killer is Dead is no different. However, because of the hype for next gen and a massive amount of other games being launched around the same time Killer is Dead had been brushed under the rug fairly quick.

Published Jan. 31st 2015
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    You forgot Vanquish... haha! I honestly don't think Lollipop Chainsaw was underrated, it's not overrated either. But just a decent combat game, with some over the top typical Suda 51 stuff, but maybe a bit over sexualised as well.
  • Death Metal Hero
    A thousand times, Yes! to Kingdoms of Amalur. Never got the chance to play Killer is Dead, but I will definitely get it now. I didn't enjoy Lollipop Chainsaw too much, the story was good, but the game play was frustrating for me.

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