10 crazy awesome Minecraft Seeds with villages (1.8)

An article for all you assholes who want more Minecraft village seeds- as if you don't have enough already. Enjoy.

An article for all you assholes who want more Minecraft village seeds- as if you don't have enough already. Enjoy.
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Oh yes, we’ve done it again and made another Minecraft Seeds article- but you just had to click it, which means you’re in need of adventure. This listicle features five picks from player VoxelCraze (you can reach VoxelCraze on her Twitter account here) and five more I found after scouring countless forums and fan sites. Hold onto your britches and prepare for the ride.  

1) Seed: -8250535122693893721

Coordinates: 856 83 148
Biome: Desert

Description: This seed will take you southwest of the village. Boasting a village resplendent with food, villagers to trade with and animals, this seed has a host of interesting advantages. There is a witch hut in the middle of the swamp for future redstoners.

You will find a desert temple with diamonds and iron if you head east of the village and cross the entire desert. There is an abandoned mineshaft below the temple.

2) Seed: -740566427

Coordinates: 248 69 281
Biome: Plains

Description: This is a great starter seed with a lot of biomes nearby. It will allow you to spawn inside of the village. Although there aren’t a lot of food sections, the blacksmith’s house has iron pants and diamonds.

VoxelCraze was kind enough to warn us:

 “Make sure to watch out for the roofed forest nearby, which spawns mobs!”

3) Seed: -6049593269101348050

Coordinates: 588 81 99
Biome: Plains

Description: You’ll spawn east of the village, which has some armor in the blacksmith’s house. This area also has plenty of horses- yeehaaaaw!

There’s a myriad of food around: potatoes, wheat, carrots and pigs.

It’s a pretty simple, open area, but make sure to be careful of the random lava pool.

4) Seed: -6706006409372923631

Coordinates: -257 113 83
Biome: River

Description: When you spawn, the village will be located to the northwest. The blacksmith house has a few diamonds and an iron helmet to get you started. It also comes complete with a stable food source.

5) Seed: 850548991930677249

Coordinates: 183 83 -241
Biome: Plains

Description: Looking for a peaceful area to spawn in or even build on? This area will be perfect for you. The village is to the north of your spawning point.

There’s a myriad of horses nearby and the village has all the crops. The water area provides great spots for potential builds, but try to be careful of ravines!

 6) Seed: Where them girls at

Coordinates: 244 67 188
Biome: Plains

Description: You will spawn right inside of the village. You can find diamonds in a chest and iron items.

This one may just have one of the best seed names ever.

7) Seed: -851590988

Coordinates: -234 70 87
Biome: Desert

Description: This area allows you to spawn close to a desert village and temple. There is a treasure room where you can find lots of bones, gold, emerald, iron, diamonds and black iron horse armor.

8) Seed: 8678942899319966093

Coordinates: -244 92 289
Biome: Plains

Description: For the cowboy/cowgirl at heart. You will spawn right next to a village with a bunch of horses. A desert temple is located nearby.

In the village blacksmith, you’ll find diamond horse armor, iron leggings, iron boots, and obsidian.

The desert temple has diamonds, gold ingots, saddle, diamond horse armor and gold horse armor.

9) Seed: -9065479248748140566

Coordinates: 76 112 143
Biome: Plains

Description: You’ll spawn between desert and grasslands with one village close by and the others relatively near, there will also be a few desert temples.

10) Seed: -5266416014843159109

Coordinates: 322 91 78
Biome: Plains

Description: You will spawn in a village with diamonds nearby. Within the village you will find diamonds (six to be exact) at the blacksmith. If you head to the forest biome, you’ll also find a stronghold (with more diamonds).

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