10 Dungeons & Dragons Inspired Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft seeds inspired by Dungeons & Dragons.

Minecraft seeds inspired by Dungeons & Dragons.

Dungeons & Dragons is back in the geek limelight again. For many of us lifelong players, it never left, but a cursory look at Twitch and YouTube shows that it is seeing a resurgence and popularity like never before. Shows such as Geek & Sundry’s Critical Role, Wizards of the Coast’s Dice, Camera, Action, and Misscliks are helping expand D&D throughout geek culture and beyond.

So it’s only natural that D&D would eventually find its’ way into Minecraft. Minecraft has experienced tremendous popularity also, and as the player base of each game meets and mixes, their common traits influence new imaginative gameplay.

And so here is our list of D&D inspired Minecraft seeds. These seeds contain many common elements typically found in D&D sessions, and offer plenty of exploration and adventure. The photos below are taken from their respective online resources.

Seed with a large explorable grassland area

Seed: Dungeons and Dragons

This seed contains a large open area ripe for exploring, with mountains, plenty of grassland, a short river connecting to a large body of water, and a few smaller lakes. Note that the water areas are extra deep to allow for underwater building.

Seed with multiple villages and exploring area

Seed: dungeons and dragons

This seed has multiple villages with plenty of wide open adventuring space in between them. The villages have their own unique look, and each house different buildings and services. In between areas include a coal hill, and a large swamp area with plenty of clay.

Seed that is a good place to start an adventure!

Seed: Legitimate Story

This seed holds a single village surrounded by grassland, a large forest, and plenty of caves waiting to be explored and plundered.

Seed with a village and an abandoned mineshaft

Seed: 8448303940134690853

This seed has a large land area with a single village. Explore the area to find the abandoned mineshaft — but beware, it may be guarded!

Seed with a village in need of saving

Seed: 1388582293

This seed holds a large village above ground, with an entire cavern system full of zombies beneath it. Venture forth and clear out the caverns, then help the village thrive.

Seed with villages, temples, a witch, and more

Seed: -1106183402

This seed holds a grand area housing multiple villages and temples across a mainly desert landscape. Adventuring areas include a connected dungeon and mineshaft, and somewhere in the land there lives a witch.

Seed with a hidden ancient library

Seed: -9057352651117540831

This seed looks rather ordinary above ground, but a little exploring will lead to a ravine, which in turn leads into a vast cavern network and an underground ancient library with other secrets.

Seed with a vast underground dungeon system

Seed: -1214234845461953835

This seed contains a huge landmass covered with plains, some forest areas, and a couple mountains. A deep ravine cuts into the land, and leads to a sprawling system of caverns that extend throughout the map.

Seed with a huge castle to explore

Seed: 4788764936

This seed contains a grand castle complex reaching high into the sky. The castle comprises different buildings connected by large walkways and bridges, all leading upwards to the castle proper.

Seed with an underwater temple

Seed: 5181140359215069925

This seed moves the exploring from off land to underwater. The temple is home to various enemies and secrets, and has numerous locations to adventure within.

These are of course just a few seeds to be found which look and feel influenced by Dungeons & Dragons. If you have a D&D inspired seed you’d like to share, do so in the Comments below! 

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