10 famous vehicles that should join Rocket League

Rocket League has been a massive success but which iconic vehicles could make the game even more amazing?

A little less than a month ago marked the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled to in Back to the Future 2. To celebrate the occasion the guys behind Rocket League, Psyonix, gave players the opportunity to buy the famous time-travelling Delorean, and it turned out to be hugely popular.

Ever since Rocket League released back in July, on PS4 (PS Plus) and PC, the game has been a runaway success. The last announced sales figure for Rocket League was 6 million, which put it alongside The Witcher 3. Think about that.

So, it was no surprise that Psyonix could pull some strings and get a famous car like the Delorean. Now, that inclusion opens up the possibility for more cars being added to the already impressive roster. Rocket League had 11 cars available when it launched, but that number has increased to 16, thanks to DLC. New cars will continue to appear in Rocket League, and with a big update planned for December it seems that could be a good time for new additions.

So far, however, the Delorean is the only famous vehicle to be included in the roster. Hopefully, things won't stay that way. There are many awesome movie vehicles that would fit perfectly into Rocket League. Read on and find out which ten would be most suited to join the Delorean.

10. Optimus Prime

OK, so this one comes in at number 10 simply because I believe it to be fairly impossible. From licensing issues to design complications, Optimus Prime finding his way into Rocket League seems very unlikely. That being said, this would be very near the top of the list if it were feasible.

The biggest challenge in designing the legendary red and blue truck is the transforming. If you were to have Optimus Prime in the game you would want to see him turn into his two-legged gun-wielding form, but where would that fit into a match? There are no match intro/outro scenes, nor are there any goal celebrations. Optimus would be an awesome inclusion in Rocket League but one that I can't figure out, I'll leave that one up to the geniuses over at Psyonix.

9. 007 Aston Martin

The James Bond Aston Martin is an iconic car but the DB5 that Sean Connery sleuthed around in is arguably the most famous. The only reason this beauty doesn't feature higher on the list is because it's a fairly standard-looking vehicle, which many of the rest are not.

The fun thing about the Aston Martin is that it could have an oil slick, nail spreader, or smokescreen rocket trail. And of course, it would have to have the classic James Bond theme song playing when you boost. I don't think I need to say anything more.

8. Star Wars Landspeeder

As was the case with Optimus Prime, the Star Wars Landspeeder doesn't feature higher on the list because it seems logistically challenging. The Landspeeder flies, which presents a slight challenge to Psyonix; however, it wouldn't have to do much other than hover, as seen in the picture above.

There are many different Landspeeders, including the more recognisable Anakin Skywalker one from The Phantom Menace. Any of them would be a welcome inclusion in the game, as well as offer a very different shape of vehicle. Not to mention, a Landspeeder would have a real nice swooshing sound when moving.

7. Herbie

Herbie the Love Bug might seem like a surprise, weird addition to this list, but it's a recognisable car and a very possible one. There have been 5 Herbie movies, the most recent being the 2005 reboot with Lindsay Lohan, as well as several TV shows. Sure, you could argue that Herbie hasn't been really relevant since the 1970s - but the car is still iconic.

Herbie is a Volkswagen Beetle with a mind of its own. The movies were very much a product of their time, although still fun, but that means the rocket trail could be the flowers that already exists in the game, as well as having the music from the movies as the boost noise. Herbie would provide a nice classic (and real-life) vehicle to Rocket League.

6. Ecto-1

When the Delorean was revealed, I imagine quite a few people immediately thought about the possibility of the famous Ecto-1, from Ghostbusters, finding its way into the game. Plus given that there is a new movie out next year, the time for Ghostbusters promotion is now!

This car has all the makings of a Rocket League vehicle; it's oddly shaped, colourful, and has already established features. I'm sure the Ecto-1 is numero uno on many gamers wish lists, I mean c'mon, there's already a slime rocket trail!

5. The Party Wagon

You can almost create the Ninja Turtles' Party Wagon in Rocket League - there's a similarly shaped van, which you can make green and yellow, add the slime trail and the pizza hat, and there you have it! That being said, it isn't the real deal.

It would be much more awesome if we could get the real Party Wagon, with shell roof, as seen above, as well as green rims and maybe even weapons attached. Of course, you could just replace the pizza hat with a pizza-slice topper. 

4. Wacky Races

OK, so this might be cheating. I was going to just choose Dick Dastardly's badass rocket car but I remembered how much fun I had with Wacky Races: Starring Dastardly and Muttley on the PS2, and I realised I wanted them all.

I'm aware how incredibly unlikely this one is but I would pay a stupid amount of money to get a Wacky Races DLC pack that included all of the cars above. Yes, it's another 11 vehicles, the same as the game launched with, but they are all so varied and fun. 

I figured the licensing wouldn't be a massive issue considering how old the property is, but it turns out Cartoon Network plans to revive the series in 2016. Who knows, maybe this improves the chances. I just want Wacky Races to collide with Rocket League, maybe then Dastardly and Muttley could actually win!

3. Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen makes the 3rd spot on the list because of how well he would fit into the Rocket League roster, as well as the fact that it may be possible. Disney is fairly keen on sharing its properties when the circumstances are right, and Psyonix proved with the Delorean that only good can come from the cross-promotion. Also, 2017 will see the release of Cars 3, just sayin'.

Lightning is a really cool-looking car that already has a cartoony art style that would look right at home alongside the other cars in Rocket League. He's sleek, fast, and always smiling, what more could you want?! 

2. The Mystery Machine

And coming in at number 2 on the list is the Mystery Machine. Who else but those meddling kids?! And their dumb dog?!

The Mystery Machine is just about as iconic as it gets, and it has all the makings of a Rocket League vehicle. A nice, practical shape, simple but recognisable paint job, and lots of potential for rocket trails, toppers, and sound effects. This bad-boy could have bats flying out of the tail-pipe, or Scooby Snacks, or just psychedelic flowers!

Honestly, this is one I would not be surprised to see actually show up someday and, as a genuinely huge Scooby Doo fan, I would throw money at Psyonix.

Honorable Mentions:

  • GMC (The A-Team)
  • General Lee (Dukes of Hazard)
  • Kitt (Knight Rider)
  • R.C Buggy (Toy Story)
  • Union Flag Convertible (Austin Powers
  • Interceptor (Mad Max)
  • Tour Car (Jurassic Park)
  • Fred Flintstone's car
  • Mutt Cutts (Dumb & Dumber)
  • Mr. Bean's Mini

1. The Batmobile

But of course, what else were you expecting?

The Batmobile, whatever iteration, is easily the most famous vehicle of all time. It's the most iconic car ever because it's awesome. Even going back to the '60s with the Adam West Batmobile, it's still a really cool looking car.

As was the case with the Wacky Races cars, I would love to see all of the Batmobile iterations come in a pack. I mean, I'm pretty sure a lot of people would pay through the nose to get 5-6 versions of the Dark Knight's ride. I think at least one version of the Batmobile is entirely possible in Rocket League's future, and I for one will be there on day 1 to get my hands on it.

I think many of us would be happy if any of those ten legendary vehicles made their way into Rocket League. Sure, there would be licensing issues and design complications, but we can dream!

The Delorean has given us all hope that we may someday see more famous vehicles brought to Rocket League, and the Delorean has proved the gamers will throw money at Psyonix should that occasion arise.

Which car would you most like to see come to Rocket League? I personally am torn between the Batmobile(s) and the Wacky Races contraptions. Let us know which you love the most, and any we may have left off!