10 Final Fantasy Weapons We Wish Were in Other RPGs

The Final Fantasy franchise has some truly amazing and revolutionary weapons. That's why we'd love to see more of these in other RPGs -- NOW!

Some of the most iconic weapons in gaming history come from the Final Fantasy franchise. For FF veterans, this is not a surprise: we are used to seeing ridiculously long katanas, enormous swords, guns merging with blades, and much more. Its repertoire is immensely original, and one of the many reasons we love the Final Fantasy franchise.

However, there are many other role-playing games that do not get as creative with their weapons, and instead opt to include realistic, common weapons by default. They seem to forget that a truly unique weapon can make their games truly iconic -- if done right. In the following list, you will find the top 10 Final Fantasy weapons we wish were in other role-playing games.

Sephiroth's Katana (Masamune)

Sephiroth is one of the most badass villains in gaming history, and one of the main reasons for this more-than-worthy title is his extremely large katana, Masamune. This emblematic weapon, which appears in other installments of the franchise brandishing different designs, is a 7-8 foot super-katana, at least as long as Sephiroth is tall.

Masamune is tuly unique and we would love to see it in other games. There are plenty of katanas in RPGs, but not nearly as long as Sephiroth's iconic weapon. We definitely need more disproportionate swords in gaming.

Cloud's Fusion Sword

The protagonist of Final Fantasy VII uses gigantic broadswords as his weapons of choice, the Buster Sword being the most iconic one. However, we think the Fusion Sword is a more original, unique and overall cooler blade design.

The Fusion Sword is actually a set of six different sabers, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not only can Cloud separate the swords and unite them as he pleases, adapting the blade to any situation, he can also use all of them in conjunction for his final signature move, Omnilash.

The concept of an enormous sword composed by several smaller ones is simply awesome. We would love to see different versions of this idea in other games (Nioh and Onimusha, anyone?), as we cannot recall any other title that has a similar weapon.

Squall's Gunblade (Lion Heart)

This is probably the coolest and most innovative weapon in Final Fantasy -- and perhaps in gaming history. Mixing a sword and a gun in the same weapon? The concept is simply amazing! Whether you prefer Squall's cowboy-ish Lion Heart or Lightning's futuristic saber, the Gunblade is an excellent and balanced sword, suitable for both close and distant combat.

The Gunblade would fit perfectly in many role-playing games, including many Western RPGs. Imagine having one in Deus Ex, Cyberpunk 2077, or even a Star Wars video game!

Serah's Bow-Sword

Another great fusion of weapons is this Bow-Sword, which belongs to Serah, Lightning's sister and one of the two main characters in Final Fantasy XIII-2. The weapon can change from a modern-looking bow to a thin saber and vice-versa with ease, which allows Serah to adapt to different combat situations on the fly.

Side Note: The Bow-Sword is actually a Moguri called Mog, which accompanies Serah and Noel, the other protagonist, throughout the game, which is pretty neat.

As you can see, the concept of this weapon is similar to the Gunblade. It is also a unique object, never seen before in any game we can think of. We are all in favor of merging weapons, resulting in cool designs and original concepts.

Barret's Machine Gun

Losing a limb is a horrible experience, but there are some characters in gaming that manage to overcome this loss and make the most out of it. One of them is Barret, a key character in Final Fantasy VII, who attaches a machine gun to his arm after he loses it in a fight.

Like Samus Aran, Barret uses his left arm to help him aim as he fires with his right one. His machine gun is a weapon that is common in many games, but has not been used like this. It would be great if characters in other titles could implement guns in their bodies after loosing limbs (ummm, Metal Gear Solid?), an experience that has great potential to add more dramatism and depth to the story.

Vincent's Gun (Cerberus)

This dark gun belongs to Vincent, another one of the main characters in FFVII, and its name is Cerberus -- and it packs a bit like the mythical three-headed hell-hound.

It is basically a handgun that fires three bullets at once. Such is the importance of Cerberus that it is even part of the title of the spin-off Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus. There, you can modify Cerberus to become lighter, more powerful or hold more ammunition, and even add Materia to cast spells from its barrels.

There are lots of original and badass guns in gaming, but we feel like there are not enough cool-looking, customizable and powerful handguns like Cerberus. We have great examples in hack n' slash titles like Bayonetta or Devil May Cry, but there aren't too many in RPGs. More guns like Cerberus could really remedy that problem. 

Quistis' Chain Whip

Final Fantasy VIII also has a couple of interesting weapons. In addition to the Gunblade, there is the chain whip used by Quistis Treppe. It has a handle, a sharp blade at the end and it is composed by chains, as the name states. It looks like it would be very fun to use, and painful too! It is a unique weapon in the franchise and not as extravagant as others, which is not bad at all.

As with many other kinds of weapons, whips can be found in many games. However, this type of design really looks like it could be a practical tool. Maybe characters in other titles could use the whip outside of battle as well, introducing new and fun mechanics. 

Wakka's Blitzball

A blitzball is a ball used in the fictional sport of the same name. It is the main pastime of Spira, the world of Final Fantasy X. One of the game's main characters, Wakka, is a blitzball player, and uses the object as a weapon. It is essential for taking down flying enemies since they have more agility and they usually dodge attacks from other characters.

There are many weird weapons in RPGs, but a ball has to be one of the strangest ones. During the game, Wakka acquires multiple versions of the blitzball, with spikes, big spots, etc. It would be cool if other role-playing games had fun sports that served as minigames, and a character that uses an item related to this discipline to attack.

Terra's Magitek Armor

The Magitek Armor is a mechanical weapon employed in Final Fantasy VI by the Gestahlian Empire, which uses magic as energy thanks to the Empire's Magitek technology. Terra, the game's female protagonist, has her own Magitek Armor, and uses it to help her move faster, advance in difficult terrain or fight.

Magitek Armor is basically a steampunk mecha that works with magic, a novel concept that could be used in other games as well. We are used to seeing ultra-badass mechas with modern, futuristic designs. It would be great if we could see other kinds of mechs and robots with more ancient-looking or  arcane design aesthetics.

Edgar's Chainsaw

Edgar is the King of Figaro's Castle and a member of the protagonist's group in Final Fantasy VI. He uses all sorts of tools as weapons during battle, and the most badass one is the chainsaw. This weapon is usually found in the horror genre, making it a surprising choice for an RPG -- especially Final Fantasy.

As always, FF manages to present new kinds of weapons or pre-existing tools in original and novel ways. We think we can all agree that we need more chainsaws in RPGs, or any kind of threatening machine for the matter.

And this is the last of the coolest Final Fantasy weapons we wish were in other RPGs. And as many modern role-playing titles got inspired by this fantastic series -- especially the earlier installments -- it's sad to see that the weapons of FF haven't had a bigger impact on RPGs as a whole.  

What do you think of these weapons? Did you miss one on the list? Tell me on your comments below!