Ten seeds for your inner megalomaniacal minecraft monster - seeds with nearby dungeons, trapped temples, or other suitably impressive structures and landforms for a supervillain in the making.

10 Great Minecraft seeds for aspiring supervillains

Ten seeds for your inner megalomaniacal minecraft monster - seeds with nearby dungeons, trapped temples, or other suitably impressive structures and landforms for a supervillain in the making.

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There's plenty to love when it comes to Minecraft: the vast open world to explore, the friendly townsfolk, the adorable block animals that make adorable block animal sounds.

If you're anything like me, you just can't help but look at the near-infinite seeds with all their untamed land and treasure with wonder and a wild desire... to conquer everythingLucky for you I've scoured the net to find ten Minecraft (1.8) seeds ripe for plundering and pillaging, equipped with all the cool monuments, biomes, and treasure you'd ever need to get your Supervillain career started. 


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The lost jungle temple

Seed: 87953651674304230

Spawn near an abandoned temple at the edge of a massive jungle with this seed. There are a couple diamonds at the bottom of your brand new digs, as well as more than enough wood around to make a few new additions. Should you come across any more loot worth saving, the ground floor of the temple even comes equipped with its own arrow trap security measures!

I suppose I should've mentioned those sooner...

The underwater stronghold

Seed: 93819220

This Minecraft seed spawns you on an island much like any other, except it comes with a submerged stronghold right next door. As anyone who has taken Supervillainy 101 knows, privacy is important - and it's hard to get more private than an underwater base filled with lava pools and a monster spawner. It's a bit cramped and the roof could stand to lose a few leaks, but even the worst of us have to start somewhere. 

Once you're secure in your new secret lair, there's two ocean monuments nearby in case you were looking for an upgrade. 

Greed is good

Seed: 8678942899319966093

Take it from me, villains-in-training: running an evil empire isn't cheap. There are henchpeople to hire, giant lasers to build, and you'd be amazed how much it costs to have giant skulls sewn into everyone's outfits. Luckily, this awesome Minecraft seed has more than enough resources to jumpstart your bank account, as you spawn near a town and a desert temple - and they have a ton of shinies between them. Complete with diamonds, gold ingots, some very expensive armor for your new horse, obsidian, and even some fancy iron pants and boots so you don't cut yourself on your mounts' diamond edges, this seed is loaded. Go on. Just take it. Take everything.

Just be careful you don't start your adventure here with too much of a...bang

(No, really. The temple floor explodes.)


The island fortress

Seed: -969535336

When the other bad guys won't let you play with them, sometimes you really do have to go build your own impenetrable island stronghold - and this seed has the perfect spot for a new fortress of doom. Spawning you near a huge mountain peak complete with lava flow, some waterfalls, and even a gigantic cave filled with exploding creeps, this seed gives you everything a fledgling megalomanaic could ask for when it comes to real estate. 


Seed: -9065479248748140566

Sometimes the life of an all-powerful evil overlord gets a little lonely. After all, what good is it to be impressive and intimidating when there's no one around to impress and intimidate? An overlord needs subjects - and this seed gives you more than you can shake a gauntleted fist at. While they all require a minor bit of leg work, there are multiple villages nearby, as well as a couple desert temples. To top it off, there are plenty of caves filled with the undead for you to explore should you ever tire of your towns-minions telling you how great you are (at least, that's what I assume they're saying). 

Diamonds are forever

Seed: 998538147

For those of us that just can't wait to get our diamond-themed costume up and running (and what self-respecting supervillain can?), this Minecraft seed is here for you. While the multiple biomes all meeting near the spawn point is cool, we all know why we're here in this seed: diamonds. Specifically, nine diamonds are at the bottom of the desert temple right next door. 

The ice castle

Seed: 85490543201

Bored of all the forest keeps and desert fortresses? Can you not stand the mosquitoes in the jungle temples? Can't swim well enough to dive to your underwater lair? 

This snowy Minecraft seed has you covered: in ice. Lots of it. Gigantic spikes of it. Endless expanses of it. Perfect for those Mr. Freeze fans among us, there are a few trees and caves around - but even they're a bit snowy. 

Bonus points if you find the lava flow coming out of a glacier. I don't know how that works, and I don't want to know, but it sure would make a great centerpiece for your ice castle's dungeon, don't you think? It'd really tie the whole room together. 

Bad help is easy to find

Seed: 8135907364046948912

You may have noticed by now that evil minions just aren't as plentiful as they once were, and you've been doing a lot of the heavy lifting (literally and figuratively) all by yourself. Luckily, this seed has all the terrifying free agents you need just under the surface of a little desert town near your seed spawn point. In the abandoned mineshaft below a nearby desert temple (which holds 20 gold ingots, if you were interested) is a dungeon spawner. There's even a back door to the cave system in the town itself - just look around for the flaming zombies attacking the townspeople. All in all, there's lots of potential in this evil Minecraft seed for the start of your army bent on world domination.

I suppose you could also fight these monstrosities and save the town, if you wanted - but isn't that more of a Hero's gig?  

The world is almost enough


Sometime's, it's hard to choose. "Do I want a giant skull base on an island, or a menacing mountain fortress?" I often ask myself. "Should I use waterfalls to spice thing up, or rivers of molten rock? I've always wanted an underwater monument next door, but I like the idea of those floating platforms ever since I saw them in Better Baddies and Gardens."

Luckily, this seed never makes you choose. This Minecraft seed spawns you near platforms in the sky, temples beneath the waves, caves, lava, waterfalls, forests, swamps - it even has some beachfront for when you need to work on that evil tan. There's not much in the way of loot, unfortunately, but there's so many good places to build a new base of operations that you'll hardly care. 

The Big Bad Wolf

Seed: -6326680535685782330

Haven't you ever wanted to just be surrounded by a herd of pigs? The oinking, the rolling in mud, the scuttling about thinking whatever thoughts their tiny pigbrains think? It's a dream come true, really. Who wouldn't love being among cute little blockpigs all day, watching them do pig things?

Oh...you wouldn't? You're busy trying to find a good spot to start a supervillain career? You don't even like pigs? 

Well...the multiple flying islands more than large enough to hold a network of skyfortresses, complete with a waterfall for easy and early access right near spawn is pretty alright for the whole supervillain base thing.

If you're into that.

I guess. 

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