10 of the funniest glitches in Bethesda games

It's easy to be excited about Fallout 4, but it's also easy to forget about all the different bugs that go into a Bethesda game. Let's look at some of the funniest glitches Bethesda's ever given us.

It's easy to be excited about Fallout 4, but it's also easy to forget about all the different bugs that go into a Bethesda game. Let's look at some of the funniest glitches Bethesda's ever given us.
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Fallout 4 is happening!

While we're all excited to step back into the wasteland and get into the action, let's not forget another feature of Bethesda games that's always been amusing.

Bugs! With game worlds as large as the ones Bethesda creates, there's bound to be bugs. Most of them end up patched, but you bet Fallout 4 will have some hilarious glitches just waiting to be found.

Let's take a look at some of the funniest glitches in Bethesda titles while we wait for the new Fallout.

Physics bugs

Horses that can run up the side of mountains, giants that can send you into orbit, physics have always been kind of wonky in Bethesda titles:

It might be immersion breaking, but nothing's funnier than seeing a sabercat take a page from the ministry of silly walks.

Character model glitches

Headless soldiers drinking at a bar, floating eyeballs and teeth, character model bugs can be some of the weirdest things to encounter in a game. These kind of glitches have always made me uncomfortable. Almost like the computer is watching. Waiting.

Pure terror

Invisible objects

There's a lot of stuff to interact with in Bethesda games, so it's only natural that some of that stuff might be missing.

Lucky for us this creates a hilarious "Invisible type writer" effect:

"Don't you have somewhere else to be? I'm trying to work!"

Item duplication

You might not think item duplication could be a funny glitch, but when it looks like this:

... it can be quite amusing.

The all seeing Skyrim chicken

Planning on stealing that sweet roll? No guards around? Think again!

The chickens in Skyrim are (were) ever vigilant in their quest to bring criminals to justice. If a chicken saw you hatching a criminal plot, you can be sure he was going to tell the nearest guard. 

Chickens are the closest living relatives to the t-rex. Behold their power and might, for forgetting they once ruled may be your undoing.

Bucket Head

No guards around? Did you double check for any stealthy chickens?

Good. Then your all set to use the ultimate thieving technique, the bucket head.

It's about as simple as it sounds, put a bucket on someones head, and now they can't see you steal all their stuff!

It's just too bad this one won't work anymore. The populace of Skyrim figured out how to take buckets off of their heads.

Paint brush jumping

It's always important to remember that in Bethesda games, jumping is an important aspect that lets you reach places you wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

In Oblivion players could place paintbrushes on top of each other and jump on each one to reach even greater heights. A pretty useful glitch but one that looks hilarious in action:


Walking through walls

All those plates and cups, platters and silverware. There's a lot of useless clutter in Skyrim, but did you know those plates and dishes can let you walk through walls?

By holding a dish or any piece of small clutter in front of you, and then sprinting at a wall, you'll find yourself on the other side! This glitch can let you skip through entire portions of the game.

Clutter doesn't seem so useless now does it?

Backwards dragons

Dragons. What majestic beasts. Is there ever a time they didn't exude awesomeness?

Oh wait.

No, that gif is not in reverse, but the Dragon is! Not so intimidating now are you!

Flying Deathclaws

I hope thats something I never have to say again because ohmygod flying deathclaws are nightmare fuel. Lucky for us this ones more amusing than terrifying, just watch:

So, it's true. All Deathclaws do go to heaven! Hmm, going to hell doesn't sound so bad anymore.