These plays laugh in the face of the laws of nature.

10 Rocket League Plays that Break Physics More Than Usual

These plays laugh in the face of the laws of nature.

Rocket League falls under the funny (and very new) genre of vehicular soccer video games. Developed and published by Psyonix, it's often described as "soccer, but with rocket-powered cars." If that sounds like it isn't physically possible, it definitely isn't. 

Rocket League breaks real life physics all the time. But some plays are just so crazy that they seem to shatter the (admittedly lax) laws of physics in the game as well. And we're about to see some really impressive plays that break it in some insane ways. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the show!

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The Perfect Ace

Here we see the blue team trying to shoot a goal. But then, the orange car comes out of nowhere to whiff it back and land a super goal. Total madness!

Goodbye physics!

Running Up the Wall

How many physics laws got broken right there?

The car drives on the wall then he jumps hitting the ball, when he flies back towards the wall jumping again looking for the ball doing some crazy movements there and shooting a goal.

What we can't deny is how amazing and fun that is!

The Upside Down

This certainly isn't Stranger Things, but the physics in that arena look like they belong in The Upside Down.

Look at all the cars boosting around from different angles. That blue car drives on the wall and hits the ball while it is on the roof and flying upside down! Everyone is flying around with no logic at all. 

Are we sure this is legal?


So we cheated a little and included multiple physics-breaking plays here.

In the first one, the car does some crazy jumps and save the life of its team. In the second play, we see the car doing some head-turning moves while shooting an unbelievable goal.

And check out the amazing save in that third one! It's almost as impressive as the Hail Mary goal that the pink car pulls off in the last clip.

These are some insane plays with cool effects. What's better than that, right?

Breaking Space-Time

This is a whole new level of physics-shattering action. 

Watch as this car makes some crazy moves towards the ball . You might think all is lost when the ball goes through the roof, but suddenly it appears on the other side of the field and hits the goal. 

Weird things happens in this game...


Here we see two different views of the same play. The orange car has control of the ball and loses it. They try to recover, but the red car has other plans. It does two jumps and shoots an awesome goal on the third! 

Literally zero f*cks given about physics here, folks. 


That yellow car was trying its best to take back ball control, but our driver hops up on the wall and keeps going. Then in amazing payback for the attempted steal, the champion car crashes the yellow car then jumps to shoot a goal with the car upside down?!

Completely insane play.

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's What?

Here we see the horned car chasing the ball, when it suddenly jumps and grabs the control of the ball entirely. Not wanting to let go, the car starts driving on the wall and then flying like a plane to shoot a physics-breaking goal!

Going It Alone

A one car team! The red car suddenly grabs control of the ball in the air and doesn't want to lose it. The blue car tries hard to make a steal, but red car jumps a second time and shoots an amazing goal! (So amazing we'll forgive how blatantly it defies physics.)

All the Rocket League plays we've seem here are so insane that physicists might start to question their own existence and what they're doing with life.

Despite how physics-breaking the game can be and how intense it can get, it's always a good game to have fun with. And that's why Rocket League is so popular.

From driving on roofs and walls, to doing crazy jumps or shooting upside down and making insane goals...this game don't stop giving us surprises. And the players keep making it even more awesome with their imagination, skill, and awesome (or lucky) plays.

I hope you enjoyed the show and had as much fun watching it as I did making it. If you still have some popcorn left and want to see more Rocket League action. go ahead and do it! After that, you'll just have to wait and see what other amazing plays and surprises Rocket League gives us in the future.

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