Sometimes even the villain needs a hug

10 video game baddies that really just need a hug

Sometimes even the villain needs a hug

Sometimes we all need a hug. Maybe you had a bad day at work or perhaps you just spilled a fresh cup of Starbucks all over your new pants. Those are moments that require hugs. I imagine that bad guys have those kinds of days too. Here are 10 video game baddies, in no particular order, that really just need a hug.

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Nemesis — Resident Evil

Yes he’s scary. Yes he’s kind of gross, but c’mon folks the guy just needs a hug. He’s just doing what a humanoid bio-weapon is supposed to do. I’m sure he would of made better choices if he only had more opportunities as a baby Tyrant. 

King Pig — Angry Birds

King Pig has no arms, no legs, and definitely no wings. He can’t fly around like those mean Angry Birds. All he has are googly eyes and a stupid crown. Maybe that’s why he cries so much. Poor guy. Give him a hug! 

Bowser — Super Mario Brothers

Bowser is mean and evil and I used to think he was beyond redemption — until I met his kid. Being a parent myself, I can definitely understand where the anger and frustration comes from. If my kid was anything like Bowser Jr., I’d need a hug too… and maybe a stiff drink. 

Wario – Warioland

I’ve got nothing here. Hug him if you like, but he’s just awful. I bet he smells funny and what is up with those shoes? Seriously though, I don’t like him. He did take out Rudy the Clown once though. I guess that’s worth a hug. 

Sephiroth — Final Fantasy VII

Good or Bad? Angel or Devil? Whatever. I’m hugging this guy and I’m first in line okay. I’ve been camped out in the “Hugs for Sephiroth” line all night. Seriously who wouldn’t want to hug this hunky guy with his black leather and really long… sword. 

Wheatley — Portal 2

Wheatley is a mess, but I probably would be too after being stuck in storage for as long as he was. Fortunately he did help us through the first four chapters of Portal 2 before that awful elevator shaft incident. Maybe a hug will make him a little smarter?

Tom Nook — Animal Crossing


He’s fuzzy and cute. I would definitely hug him if I didn’t know what a money grubbing monster he really is under that awful sweater vest. What does he do with all the money? He doesn’t invest in fashion, that’s for sure. He doesn’t even have hands, how does he count it all?

I will say this — if nothing else Mr. Nook is teaching our children valuable lessons about the evils of revolving credit. For that, he gets a hug!

Goro — Mortal Combat

All I’m saying is that he has 4 arms. That’s twice the hugging power people! Twice! Hug the guy already. 

Little Sister — Bioshock


She. Is. So. Cute! Look at those evil glowing eyes, that pasty skin, the blood stained dress, how could anyone not want to just take this little girl home and keep her forever? You know what, I’m going to give her a hug right now. Come here little girl… wait what’s that noise? 

Purple Tentacle — Day of the Tentacle

This is the guy, err… tentacle that started it all. He was doing it Sheldon J Plankton style long before Sponge Bob was even a twinkle is his mommy’s eye. He’s evil and he’s purple and don’t forget that sweet, sweet midi soundtrack. I’ll probably stick to him with all those sucker things, but I’m going in for the hug anyway.  

I think all of these baddies deserve a hug for something they’ve done. Yes they did lots of evil, but no one is all bad. You’d be surprised what a hug can do. Hug a baddie today or hug someone you love. Heck, you can even hug a stranger if you think you can get away with it. Watch out for pepper spray. That definitely cuts down on the hugging appeal. Consensual hugs with strangers. That’s the way to go. Yeah. Err… anyway you get the point. Go forth my minions and hug!  

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