Test your running and jumping skills in this selection of the best parkour maps for Minecraft.

15 Best Minecraft Parkour Maps 2019

Test your running and jumping skills in this selection of the best parkour maps for Minecraft.

Minecraft players have been creating parkour maps since the sandbox game's inception. Recently, with the release of the first snapshot for 1.15, Mojang has introduced a new type of honeycomb block that opens up many new possibilities for parkour.

In this selection of the best Minecraft parkour maps of the year, you will not only find some of the best maps based on honey blocks but also an array of the most innovative and, at times, really difficult parkour maps.

Some of these maps are so complex that it may take you hours upon hours to fully master them. If that's your kind of fun, then check them all out right here.

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Map: Honey Parkour

In this Minecraft map, you will find the latest evolution in parkour maps added to snapshot 19w41a: honey blocks.

Players can stick to this block type and then slide along the walls for some incredible parkour moments.

The Honey Parkour map is designed so that you can loop the run and master it. The entire run may take you up to an hour, so be sure to prepare for this massive undertaking.

Download the map here

Map: Honey Elevator

Just like the map before, this one utilizes Minecraft's new honey blocks but in a different way.

In this map, you will face the challenge of going up several stories instead of wall jumping and sliding. But that will be required, too, although at the later stages of the run.

Download the map here

Map: Bitty Parkour

This excellent parkour challenge actually consists of four maps in one, including: taiga, mineshaft, snow town, and beach.

In the beginning, it's pretty easy, but as you progress through different levels, it gets harder and harder. This map is designed with verticality in mind, which means that you will go from the lowest low to the higest high

This map is best experienced with the "Render Distance: 6" setting.

Download the map here

Map: Multigame Center

If you like really elaborate parkour maps, then this one will definitely surprise you.

It's made up of eight different levels that occupy separate parts of the map. You can either play them all or choose one and master it really well.

In either case, you will have to reach the Escape Room, the final level of the map, which is truly challenging, even for the most experienced parkour players.

Download the map here

Map: MrMesch's Parkour

If you're an old-school player, then MrMesch's Parkour is the map for you.

It contains 19 separate challenges with different levels of difficulty. Most importantly, there are no command blocks or other unnecessary doohickeys. This pure parkour map involves only jumping and running, nothing else.

But don't think it's an easy map. Some of the challenges could take you up to several hours to finish.

Download the map here

Map: Honey Block Parkour

This is another map that shows off the possibilities of the honey block. 

In the previous maps, you could slide along walls and climb a honey elevator, but here, you need to use the momentum of the pressure plates to get to the honey blocks in the distance.

Doing so may require several tries before you get used to the high speed of the run, but it's worth every second.

Download the map here

Map: Sky Parkour

It can be really hard to finish a land-based parkour map, but trying to go through various obstacles in the air is twice as hard.

This parkour map offers one huge challenge in the sky. You can't make a single mistake. Otherwise, you will end up falling out of the world.

The higher you go, the more complex obstacles you will meet, lending a sense of actual progression to the map.

Download the map here

Map: Impossible Parkour

How about something extra hard? This parkour map is designed to seriously challenge even the most qualified Minecraft players.

According to the creators of this map, it has only been finished by 10% of all players who have ever tried it. If you consider yourself really brave, then accept this challenge and enter the prestigious 10%.

If you can't beat it, then at least you can have fun trying it out.

Download the map here

Map: Hellevator

Now here's something really different. This map will bend your mind and test your parkour abilities.

It contains 10 progressive levels, where each section gets harder and harder. But don't be intimidated by the funky visuals, it's actually not as hard as it may look at first.

In order to make the map run in the best possible way, it is recommended to switch off "clouds" in the graphics settings of Minecraft.

Download the map here

Map: Black and White

This parkour map not only plays with your perception using only two colored blocks, but it also provides genuinely creative obstacles that will keep you thinking.

At times, you will wonder if you need to jump down or up, and at others, you will walk in circles trying to find your way out of the map's seemingly endless loops.

In any case, this parkour map is a true gem that should be experienced by every Minecraft player.

Download the map here

Map: Player vs. Redstone

Do you like jumping? Good, because in this map, you will have to jump again and again. Basically, you will do nothing else but jump your way out of this crazy parkour map.

This map can be played in co-op mode with your buddy, which will only make your run more exciting. Or, perhaps, harder. 

The redstone blocks in this map are customized, which means that you can't run on them. But at least you can see them.

Download the map here

Map: Anvil Fall

In this parkour map, you will need to avoid an infinite anvil rainfall, which does make things extremely uncomfortable.

There is no end to it, so it's basically a run for time. The longer you last, the better your score will be. Such a map could be an excellent challenge for a multiplayer game.

Although the map is really small, the anvils fall down randomly, so each run will feel unique.

Download the map here

Map: The Facility

This parkour challenge is set inside a giant vault from which you need to escape. If you manage to solve all the puzzles, you will end up inside a facility that has an exit.

The design of the map was inspired by games like Quake and Doom, so if you are familiar with these titles, you may even find certain similarities in the map design.

Download the map here

Map: The Hallway

Welcome to the hallway of dreams!

This fun little map oozes with flavor and Halloween atmosphere. It's like running through a room of nightmares in an amusement park.

But all this shouldn't scare you, even if there is a hidden skeleton waiting behind the next trapdoor. Each section of the map has a way out and some neat solutions for players to be able to reach it. If you can find them, of course.

Download the map here

Map: Dynamic Parkour

The distinctive feature of this parkour map is its movable blocks. It's hard to finish any parkour map with static blocks, but here, the challenge to hold steady can get especially difficult.

Besides the movable blocks, you will encounter blocks with different triggers. So this should make your run full of surprises.

There are three large levels for a total of 15 areas. But each area also has checkpoints, so don't worry if you can't finish everything at once.

Download the map here


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