15 Newest Skyrim Mods That Are Definitely Worth Downloading

Want to add some freshness to your Skyrim experience? Here are 15 newest Skyrim mods that make the game more diverse and exciting.

Want to add some freshness to your Skyrim experience? Here are 15 newest Skyrim mods that make the game more diverse and exciting.
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The dedicated Skyrim modding community is one of the most relentless fanbases in the gaming world right now. After the release of Skyrim Special Edition, the community took the matter of bug-fixing and overall improvement of the game in its own hands…as it usually does.

The new mods appear on a weekly basis, and in the last couple of months there have been some really intriguing mods released that you shouldn’t ignore. Most of the mods showcased in this list are completely new creations (slides 2-13), with a few older must-have additions at the end (slides 14-16) that have been recently updated for the Special Edition of the game.

Sit back and enjoy the journey to a completely new world of Skyrim!

Diverse Skyrim SE

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Tired of fighting the same types of enemies over and over again? Then, check out Diverse Skyrim -- a mod that brings in over a hundred new kinds of enemies with their own unique stats, mechanics, and gear.

Now you will face guards of other races, such as Nords, Bretons, Redguards, and many others. Mythic creatures like Orcs, Argonians, and Wood Elves are now a part of various factions. With the help of this mod, Skyrim really does become more diverse.

Convenient Horses

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This is a complete rehash of the original horses mod, which was built from ground up specifically for Special Edition. You can now interact with your horses on a much deeper level -- including training, combat, whistling, and calling.

Each horse you obtain will be able improve its stats through rigorous training, thus increasing its strength and endurance in combat.

Splendor - Dragon Variants SSE

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Undoubtedly, dragons are the most exciting creatures in all of Skyrim. If you feel that there aren’t enough of them in the game, then you need the Splendor mod, which brings over 700 new dragons to the Special Edition.

All types of Fire and Frost dragons can be categorized into seven groups that correspond to their levels of power: Young, Blood, Aged, Elder, Ancient, Revered, and Legendary.

On a technical level this mod is executed perfectly, and it is fully compatible with all other mods that you may already have installed.

Lore Weapon Expansion SSE

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More weapons means more fun! This fan-made expansion adds over 50 new types of weapons that can be either looted from chests or crafted. All weapons are tightly connected to the lore of The Elder Scrolls, and include some truly rare items.

One of them is the Daedric Crescent -- a unique two-handed Daedric weapon that originally belonged to Dregas Volar, the Dremora Lord. This weapon was first conceived for the Legacy of the Dragonborn expansion, and now you can use it in Skyrim SE, too.

Riverside Lodge

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Earlier this year, Elder Scrolls Online received an official Homestead update that allows all players to purchase and decorate their own homes. This fan mod does the same, and gives you an entire medieval mansion to rest in after a long adventure through Skyrim.

It has everything you need -- from kitchen and bedroom to weapon storage and your own underground crafting room. The home is located near Whiterun in a picturesque area by the river, which is truly one of the most beautiful places in the game.

The Ultimate Dodge Mod

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Dodging has always been quite problematic in Skyrim, but with the help of TUDM you will be able to dodge the enemy hits like a pro. The developer of the mod was inspired by the Dark Souls dodge mechanics and implemented similar techniques in Skyrim SE.

The principle of dodging is very simple: all you need is to press the “Sneak” key + directional key. As a result your character will gracefully dodge even the fastest and most dangerous hits.

Joy of Perspective SSE

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JOP is a simple yet very effective little mod -- it makes your first-person POV more immersive. The movement animations get more realistic and you can see your entire body, which was not possible in the vanilla version.

But beware that this mod can make you dizzy, especially if you’re moving or fighting too fast,. The camera will shake and jump like crazy…just like in real life.

Palaces and Castles Enhanced SSE

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There are some super exciting palaces in Skyrim, such as Blue Palace or Palace of the Kings. But as soon as you arrive there they turn out to be rather empty, and honestly, underwhelming. Well, the PCE mod changes that.

It offers a complete interior re-design of the six major castles in Skyrim SE, including Dragonsreach, Blue Palace, Castle Dour, Mistveil Keep, Understone Keep, and Palace of the Kings. There you will meet new NPCs, take on new quests, and discover some surprising secrets, too.

Unique Locations - Riverwood Forest

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But what about the landscape of Skyrim SE? If you would like to see more changes in the exterior part of the game, then the Unique Locations mod is probably the one you’re looking for. It offers a completely new look for the Riverwood Forest, with unknown trails and objects.

The Bandit Hideout now contains more structures, which makes it into a true challenge to raid. The location actually becomes so complex that you can easily get lost in there.

Apachii Divine Elegance Store

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This unusual mod adds a new merchant store to the game that sells both male and female outfits that truly stand out from the rest of the game's vanilla clothing. Apart from clothes you can buy jewelry and other luxurious items.

So if you’re looking to hold a wedding ceremony in Skyrim SE, but there is nothing appropriate for you to wear, then head straight to the Apachii store at any time of the day.

Improved Eyes

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CG characters may have natural-looking facial and body animations, but the eyes always lack something. This little mod overhauls all the eyes in Skyrim SE and makes all characters look more alive, which is possible due to its use of actual human eye textures.

It may not sound like a big thing, but as soon as you install this mod, the population of Skyrim will suddenly become exciting to interact with. And that's the primary goal of any immersive mod.

Zim's Immersive Artifacts

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Artifact weapons and armor in Skyrim almost always underperform, and some vanilla items are better than the famous rare ones. Here is the solution to this dilemma! The Zim’s Artifact mod changes the stats of most unique weapons and armor sets in the game in a balanced manner.

These items will not be overpowered, but at the same time will serve you much better than vanilla items. This will make your character have both a unique look, and be strong enough to deal with most threats.

Skyrim 2017 Textures

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If you feel underwhelmed with the remastered version of Skyrim, and wish it looked better at 4K, then this mod should fulfill your requirements of how a real remastered version of the game should have looked like.

It is regularly updated with new textures for both exterior and interior locations, and your game will look super crisp even at the highest possible resolution. And, if you’re looking something more fitting for 2K resolution, then the better alternative would be Noble Skyrim mod.

Immersive Armors

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If you don’t care about the environments too much, but you do like to see a solid set of armor on your character, then Immersive Armors will do exactly that. It includes 55 new and completely original sets of armor with hundreds of customizable items, such as shields, helmets, capes, etc.

The new armor looks amazing, and it brings more colors to the otherwise dull environments of Skyrim SE.

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

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Bethesda doesn’t really like to support its games after release, so everything is now in the hands of the modding community -- which so far has done just fine on its own.

Initially, there were tons of bugs encountered by players all over Skyrim SE. As a result, the unofficial patch fixes all possible and encountered bugs in hundreds of quests, objects, NPCs, etc.


If you haven’t found the right mod for yourself, then you can suggest some of your own favorite Skyrim SE mods in the comments below.