Do you play JRPG's or similar games on your Android mobile device? Here are three upcoming games you should check out!

3 Great JRPGs Coming to Android This Year

Do you play JRPG's or similar games on your Android mobile device? Here are three upcoming games you should check out!
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Most JRPG fans play games on their handhelds, home consoles, or PC. But there isn't a large number of gamers who play them on their mobile devices.

Despite the difference in number of players on each system, a handful of JRPGs have been released on Android mobile devices in the past few years, with a couple more games still on the way.

If you're a mobile gamer looking for new JRPGs to play on your Andorid device or a gamer just getting started, here are three great JRPGs coming to Android devices some time later this year. 


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Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War

Based on the popular Tokyo Ghoul anime and manga series, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is centered around the ongoing conflict between ghouls, human like beings who feed on human flesh, and the CCG, an organization that hunts down ghouls to protect humans.

Whichever side the player chooses will determine the way the story plays out as they fight against a plethora of human or ghoul opponents.

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War will feature a PVP mode, as well as a MOBA-inspired team multiplayer mode.

God Eater Online

God Eater Online is a mobile spin-off game of the PlayStation exclusive hunting action series of the same name. 

Like other games in the series, in God Eater Online, you create a character who helps the Fenrir Organization, a group whose job it is to exterminate Aragami, frightening creatures that appeared suddenly in the game's world and have destroyed most of the world prior to the setting of the first game.

What's particularly interesting about God Eater Online is that it's still in the main God Eater canon and takes place a few years after the most recently released title, God Eater 2: Rage Burst.

Alchemia Story

Alchemia Story was developed by Asobimo, and takes place in a world where alchemy is everywhere, literally.

In Alchemia Story, you create your own character, fight against enemies in turn based combat, and perform special team attacks, just to name of few of its highly engagin mechanics. 

What makes Alchemia Story unique is that you can join another players' battles via a real-time assisting system. Players can see one another battling an enemy while on the overworld map and jump in to help at any time. It's truly multiplayer in almost every sense. 

There you have it: three great upcoming JRPGs for Android mobile devices that are slated to release sometime this year. JRPGs, at least the ones that are normally on consoles, are not quite as common as other genres on mobile platforms, but despite that fact, a decent number of them are still released or ported to mobile devices every year.

It's possible that we'll see more JRPG releases and ports as mobile devices get more powerful, but for now, those who play JRPGs on their phone will have to be satisfied with their current and upcoming options.

If you want to learn about three JRPGs already available on Android devices you can take a look at this article 3 JRPGs already available on Android devices.

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