These are some of the coolest Minecraft skins for boys!

30 Cool Minecraft Boy Skins

These are some of the coolest Minecraft skins for boys!
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Cool Minecraft skins for boys are a great way to show your individuality and make your playthroughs more enjoyable for both yourself and others.

Here, you will find some of the coolest Minecraft skins for boys that you can immediately download for free and apply to your character in the game. This selection includes skins for PC versions of Minecraft (slides 2-4, 8-11) and Pocket Edition as well (slides 5-7).

You can choose between your favorite movie and video game heroes or take a different route and put on some unusual forms, such as medieval knights, enemy mobs or just plain creepy skins. Although if you don’t like any of these, then check out the last slide for the casual boy style skins for Minecraft.

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Star Wars Minecraft Skins for Boys

Darth Vader

The biggest villain of all times is available as a Minecraft skin. It is a perfect match for those who like building Star Wars themed structures in the world of Minecraft. You could get as far as building your own Death Star and having this skin on would fit the occasion just right.

Luke Skywalker

Luke’s skin is another iconic representation of the Star Wars universe. Being one of the most beloved heroes of our time, this skin will excellently portray your good intentions. Maybe you will even try to destroy that Death Star on Darth Vader’s server.


A famous robot companion of the rebel trio: Luke, Han and Leia. This shiny metal skin will definitely attract anybody’s attention even if they can’t recognize which character it is from the get go.

Super Mario Bros. Minecraft Skins for Boys


The iconic character from the biggest video game franchise turns out to be an excellent and highly recognizable Minecraft skin for boys. This is also a great opportunity to start a Super Mario themed server of your own in Minecraft.


It wouldn’t be a complete picture without Mario’s beloved brother – Luigi. They help each other wherever they go and keep their friendship intact. However, Luigi has his own adventure, which could also serve as a great idea for a new server – Luigi’s Mansion.


Mario’s dinosaur-companion Yoshi is another excellent skin for Minecraft. Its bright green color attracts and pleases the eye. Yoshi is always associated with joy and diligence, as he would always help Mario go through the most difficult areas.

Comic Book Superheroes Minecraft Skins for Boys


All superheroes have their signature look that makes them stand out from each other. That’s why Minecraft skins based on comic book heroes look so cool. Deadpool is getting a lot of attention these days, so make sure to get this skin for yourself.

Captain America

One of the most significant superheroes of all time is, of course, Captain America – the creator of the team of Avengers. His skin looks especially cool with the white, blue and red stripes.


Another fan favorite – the one and only Batman. This skin is massive and super popular among Minecraft fans, who equally enjoy reading the comic books.

Want to see more cool superhero Minecraft skins? Check them out here.

Cool Boy Minecraft PE Skins

Skull Boy

This is a great-looking skin for your Minecraft PE character. It shows a kid wearing sunglasses and a really cool sweater with a huge skull on the front. This is a new design, and you can also upgrade it yourself, if you’d like to.

Swag Teen

Do you like to look cool and fashionable? This fresh boy Minecraft PE skin will fit your everyday style perfectly. You can edit some details and colors, if you want it to look different, thus making your in-game character completely unique.

Action Video Game Heroes Minecraft PE Skins for Boys

Assassin’s Creed

This is a classic Assassin’s Creed skin for Minecraft PE that represents the white version of the assassin’s costume, which can be obtained in the actual series of games. It’s a great skin for adventurous players.

Master Chief

Halo is a huge hit among action video game fans. This Minecraft PE skin shows the full costume of Master Chief, the game’s main protagonist. It looks really cool in Minecraft as well, so check it out.


Another fan favorite is now available as a Minecraft PE skin – Scorpion, a famous character from the Mortal Kombat series. This skin looks especially bad-ass, and it is super recognizable, too.

Creepy and Scary Minecraft PE Skins for Boys


Endermen are scary mobs that spawn in the End worlds of Minecraft PE. This cool looking skin shows the enderman on fire, which makes him look even more dramatic. Now you can turn your own character into one of those things.


This Minecraft PE skin of Ultraman, the famous sci-fi character from the seminal Japanese TV series, shows Ultraman Tiga in his red creepy costume.

Ghost Rider

This must be the coolest and scariest Minecraft PE skin ever. Ghost Riders always looked especially scary in the Marvel comic books, and this skin reflects those qualities very well.

League of Legends Minecraft Skins for Boys


If you’re into League of Legends and Minecraft, this Brand skin will fit you just well. This fire champion looks great in Minecraft and showcases his classical “muscles on fire” design in the game.


Braum is one of the strongest champions in League of Legends. His remarkable strength is fully present in this especially well-designed Minecraft skin that will go nicely in the dedicated League server.


Another super strong League character that is known for his special use of an axe. Darius is also represented as a very tall champion, and although, you can’t really reflect that in the Minecraft skin, it still looks totally bad-ass.

Medieval Knights Minecraft Skins for Boys

Grey Knight

If you like history and the middle ages, then this set of Minecraft skins will be right up your alley. The Grey Knight skin represents a typical medieval type knight who pledged to protect the kingdom of England.

Green Knight

This one perfectly matches the lush Minecraft backgrounds with its bright green knight skin and is a joy to look at. It also resembles a futuristic uniform of some kind, as knights of the old ages never had a habit of painting their armor green.

Gold Knight

The golden knight Minecraft skin has a diamond etched on the front side. So, if you enjoy hunting for diamonds in Minecraft, then this skin will be a great symbol of your in-game crusade.

Enemy Mobs Minecraft Skins for Boys


If you want to confuse your friends on one of the servers, then consider wearing this perfect copy of a zombie Minecraft skin. Just think how much fun you can have with this and other mob skins.


If only this creeper skin for Minecraft could explode just like real creepers in game. Anyway, it still looks great and has a huge potential for scaring the uninitiated ones.


This cool boy Minecraft skin doesn’t come close to the real skeleton mobs, but it still works great, especially when you have a costume bonanza on your private server.

Casual Boy Minecraft Skins

Simple Teen

And, here’s something for those who have no interest in standing out from the rest of the crowd. This simple teen Minecraft skin is as casual as it can get, but still looks great in the game.

Plaid shirt

Plaid shirts are cool, so is this Minecraft skin. If you ever decide to wander inside one of those mega-cities built in Minecraft, then having this outfit is a must.


If you like wearing hoodies, then check out this sweet Minecraft skin for boys. Everybody likes hoodies, so this is a sure style for those who can’t decide on what to wear in Minecraft.

What are your favorite Minecraft skins for boys? Share them in the comments section below.

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