4 Addictive Video Game Animes Gamers Need to Watch

Four video game based anime's, you'll be dying to watch.

Four video game based anime's, you'll be dying to watch.

Finding a new anime to watch can be hard. Some of them have over 300 episodes! Whichever one you are going to pick is going to be a serious time commitment, and that’s why it’s super important to pick the right one. No one wants to waste several days getting through an anime that turns out to be just okay in the end — especially if you’re a gamer who could spend that time grinding levels or catching more Pokemon.

That’s why I have found four animes that you’ll guaranteed be addicted to as a gamer. Each one of these animes is either about video games, or have inspired games of their own. 

Sword Art Online

Kirito Kirigaya was one of the beta testers for a new virtual reality game, Sword Art Online. When the game is finally released for the public, something goes terribly wrong. Players can’t log out. As panic strikes, the creator of the game, Kayaba, announces his real goal of the game. If the players die in the game, then they will die in the real world. If they want their freedom then they’ll have to beat all 100 levels and the ultimate boss.

Now Kirito has to use all that he learned in the beta test to help everyone else get home. Sword Art Online is the perfect anime if you want gaming, adventure, and romance.

No Game No Life

No Game No Life follows the story of Sora and his stepsister Shiro. Together the two make up an undefeated group of gamers called Blank. Their lives change one day, when the God of Games challenges them to a game of chess.

After winning, Sora and Shiro are transported to Disboard, a virtual reality that is all about games. Together the two siblings will defeat the sixteen ruling species in Disboard and will take down the God of Games. Will Blank wear the gaming crown?

Selector Infected WIXOSS

Young girls all around the world are playing the new trading card game called WIXOSS. They battle each other using fighters, called LRIGs, and using other cards to support them. Some LRIGs can talk to their card holders though. These special holders are called the Selectors. Not only can they talk to their fighter, but they also have the opportunity to get a wish granted by beating another Selector. However, if they lose three times then a curse is planted on them.

Is a wish truly worth the risk? 

Summer Wars

This film follows the story of Kenji Koiso, a math genius who is forced to go to Natsuki’s grandmother’s birthday. During this trip, Kenji receives an email with a code from an anonymous sender. Kenji is able to crack the code, and then is falsely accused of unleashing a dangerous artificial intelligence onto the virtual reality world of OZ. He now has to confront the virus called Love Machine before it can do damage in the real world.

Sword Art Online, No Game No Life, Selector Infected WIXOSS, and Summer Wars are all great options if you are looking for a new anime. Now instead of scrolling on Netflix trying to find a new one, you can just pick out of the four recommended. Which one are you going to watch first? 

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