4 amazing DIY tutorials inspired by the Legend of Zeldsa series are gathered below for those that need a little video game crafting.

4 Amazing Legend Of Zelda DIY Projects

4 amazing DIY tutorials inspired by the Legend of Zeldsa series are gathered below for those that need a little video game crafting.
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Ever feel the need to create something from a video game you play? You are not the only one! With all the love for The Legend of Zelda series, it is no surprise that some of the craftier denizens of the Internet have created awe-inspiring items. Look below for some of the most epic Zelda DIY tutorials around, and prepare to be astounded. 

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Legend of Zelda Bomb by PlatinumFungi

The Legend of Zelda bomb, complete with an ignitable wick, is a simple and relatively quick project. Using a child’s bottle, some paint, cotton clothesline and a hot glue gun, this project can easily be made with items from around the home.The longest part of the project is waiting for the paint to dry, so you’ll be setting off explosions in no time. 

Majora’s Mask Plush by Game Guy DIY

Majora’s Mask is typically hard and difficult to cuddle. For those of you wanting to sleep the night away with your own mask, this plush tutorial by YouTuber Game Guy DIY is perfect for you. Featuring step by step instructions, easy to get materials and an outstanding finished product, this tutorial is a breeze to follow. Note: Some sewing experience may be necessary. 

Navi Plush by Kaele Blue Skies

Want to make a plush but not feeling the Majora’s Mask? Try out this Navi Plush tutorial. While the tutorial is in Spanish, there are English subtitles that help explain everything along the way. Using fleece and stuffing, hand drawn patterns, and hand sewing, Navi is an easier project for sewing beginners. Now you can have your own fluttering fairy by your side. 

Link’s Hat by 

Link’s hat is iconic. Whether you are looking to cosplay the character or just want his hat to wear, this tutorial and pattern are perfect. With printable patterns and step-by-step instructions, it is easy to make your very own Link’s hat. Using fleece fabric and a sewing machine, the project can be completed rather quickly for those with sewing experience. 

These DIYs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to The Legend of Zelda. Hopefully these have inspired your inner crafter and led to successful Zelda DIY items. What Legend of Zelda inspired crafts are you creating?

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