4 Fun Ways to Roleplay in Stardew Valley

Bored of Stardew Valley? Rediscover the magic with these imaginative roleplaying ideas!

Bored of Stardew Valley? Rediscover the magic with these imaginative roleplaying ideas!

Has your copy of Stardew Valley been gathering dust? Do you feel like you’ve done pretty much everything there is to do in the game?

You’re wrong.

Even if you’ve already completed the game’s major challenges, like restoring the commmunity center and developing your farm, you can still have a ton of fun roleplaying different characters and scenarios.

Could you hack it as a vegan farmer, a professional chef, or the owner of a trendy craft brewery? There’s only one way to find out.

1. Live as a Forager

stardew valley foraging
Rules: Don’t grow anything or keep animals. Make money fishing, mining, and foraging.

Are you tired of raking dirt, planting crops, setting up complex sprinkler systems, and spending hours on harvesting?

Perhaps it’s time to switch to a life of foraging.

Tell yourself that the land on grandpa’s old farm is way too barren to grow anything, and head out into the world instead.

You could make your money chopping wood, finding rare fruits and berries, or scouring the mines for expensive gems. As your foraging skill level increases, you’ll have some tough decisions to make — will you be a Forester or a Gatherer?

Eating certain dishes increases your forage ability, so get ready to buy a lot of pancakes.

2. Start a Craft Brewery

stardew valley brewery

Rules: Only grow crops to turn to beer, wine, or ale. Make money selling your drinks.

You’ve moved to grandpa’s farm from the city, right? So why not bring some business knowhow and start your own trendy craft brewery?

You’ll focus on growing crops which can be used to make beer and wine, and you could spend hours creating a farm that craft beer lovers will be excited to visit.

How about one outbuilding that houses your kegs, and another that’s decorated to look like a fully functioning bar? You could also arrange paths to let visitors tour your crops for the full farm experience.

Be sure to stay in character during town events — your grange display should be 100% beers and wines, and the same goes for gifts to other characters. Get ready to be best friends with Pam.

If this playthrough feels too limiting, why not expand into selling artisan jam and pickles? Gold star produce only.

3. Try to Be a Vegan Farmer

stardew valley farm autumn

Rules: No animal products. Make money without keeping animals, fishing, or killing monsters in the mines.

Looking for a real challenge?

Try living as a vegan farmer and avoiding all animal products. That means no fishing, no killing while mining, and no animal products — although you could turn your farm into an animal sanctuary of some kind.

This is a fun extra challenge to add to another roleplaying element if you want to make things harder.

4. Make a Living as a Chef

stardew valley recipes

Rules: Grow crops solely for cooking. Make money selling completed dishes.

Tired of growing crops for no reason?

Imagining yourself as a professional chef desperately trying to acquire ingredients for your next famous dish makes things a lot more fun.

Your days should be planned around farming, shopping, and fishing for exactly what you need to cook your current special. You should befriend townspeople with tasty homecooked food, and make your money selling completed dishes.

For an extra challenge, narrow things down even more. Maybe you’re a baker focusing on sweet treats? Or a specialist in top-of-the-range seafood dishes?

Decorate an outbuilding to look like a five-star restaurant for extra immersion.

Want to redisover the magic of Stardew Valley without getting bored? Try one of these fun roleplaying ideas, or get creative and come up with your own scenarios. Have one you’d like to share? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below! Stick with GameSkinny, and be sure to check out all our useful Stardew Valley guides.



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