The PSVR recently surpassed 1 million units sold, games like these are probably the reason why.

5 Best Games to Buy for Playstation VR

The PSVR recently surpassed 1 million units sold, games like these are probably the reason why.

Sony has recently announced that sales for the PlayStation VR have surpassed one million units. Since its launch, Sony has expressed its own surprise at the peripheral's reception. And of course, its success is somewhat because of the games released alongside it -- but it's also because the PSVR is a well-crafted and well-developed piece of hardware. In the world of VR headsets, Sony's PSVR holds its own. 

With previously released games like Skyrim moving into the VR space and new games being developed specifically to be explored in VR, now is definitely the time to see what kinds of worlds are being built! From developers like Capcom and Guerrilla Cambridge come some of the most enjoyable PSVR games out there to date -- many games that anyone can enjoy.

Here are the five best PSVR games that you can buy right now! 

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Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is the latest entry in the Resident Evil series. A norm in the Resident Evil series, this game strays from the typical third-person shooter style. The shift to first person was implemented in order to run this game effectively in VR -- which makes the experience incredibly scary. Nothing gets your blood pumping like jump scares and dark hallways. 

Experiencing the story of Ethan Winters with the immersion of a VR headset really maxes out the spine-chilling setting and story. An incredibly creepy family has abducted you (and possibly your wife), and there is no easy way out. When you can step right into Ethan's point of view, this game will scare the crap out of you. 

Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood

Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood is another horror VR experience that is sure to get your heart pumping. As an arcade-style first-person shooter, this game packs a different sort of gameplay that we don't see too often in the mainstream gaming world nowadays. 

But Rush of Blood delivers an incredibly frightening 360-degree experience, with enemies coming at you from every angle. The roller coaster ride offers multiple paths and waves of enemies that guarantees no two rides will be the same. 

If you are a sucker for horror games, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is definitely one you should pick up. 


Farpoint, one of Sony's bigger promotions for PSVR, is a space survival story. You are tasked with meeting up with scientists who are already in space near Jupiter, right as a rupture in space sends everyone to a hostile alien world. 

While searching the world for clues about your crew and information about the world itself, you will encounter unfriendly alien creatures. Farpoint boasts the use of the PSVR Aim Controller, which allows the player to aim as if using a real weapon, as well as control your character with DualShock 4 controls. 

An innovative game like this one is definitely worth checking out! 

Driveclub VR

Driveclub VR offers an amazing 360 experience for those who love racing games. With a solo campaign as well as competitive racing among friends, Driveclub VR is the best racing game currently available for VR. (And here at GS, we think the non-VR version is the best racing game for PS4.) Beautiful landscapes and amazing tracks will immerse you in a way that no other racing game can. 

The VR version also includes DLC from Driveclub, along with completely new modes and elements exclusive to the VR experience. Your street racing and car crashing days will feel infinitely more real and exhilarating with Driveclub VR. 

Eve: Valkyrie

Taking place in the universe of EVE, Eve: Valkyrie puts the player into the shoes of an outlaw band of galactic pirates, chasing infamy and wealth. 

Gorgeous visuals invite you into the world, and VR capabilities truly immerse you in this galactic universe. The use of the VR headset allows for a full range of motion to find enemies from every direction. The space battles feel real and challenging.

Eve: Valkyrie offers a variety of customization with weapon loadouts, different battle tactics, and an extensive collection of ships to choose from. Flying has never been so fun. 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was just recently announced to be in development for PSVR at this year's E3. With the success and support for Skyrim, it is no surprise that the game will make the leap to VR. With a remaster that came out last year, Skryim was ready for its next installment. 

Experience Skyrim as if you were there, holding your own weapons and fighting against the many enemies found there with PSVR. The fun gameplay from the original will only get better in a VR setting. Magic, shields, swords, arrows and spells will be at the tip of your finger tips this November! 


That wraps up our list of the best games currently available for PSVR. What are some of your favorites? Any games you're hoping see a VR port soon? Let us know down in the comments!

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