5 Best Valentine’s Day Themed MMO Events

Some of the best MMO events to attend for Valentine's Day 2017.

Some of the best MMO events to attend for Valentine's Day 2017.
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Valentine's Day is right around the corner, in case anyone has let you forget. And of course, MMOs are ramping up to celebrate their in-game versions of the holiday. 

In addition to decorating in-game locations, these events provide ways to earn everything from jewelry to mounts. (And feeling less lonely on the day of lovers is a pretty nice bonus.) So let's take a look at the best Valentine's Day themed MMO celebrations happening in your favorite games! 

World of Warcraft

Love is in the Air

Traditionally players spend their Valentine's Day in WoW collecting charms to craft into a charm bracelet that they can present to their Valentines -- even NPCs. 

The Crown Chemical Company is set up to sell perfumes across Azeroth, and it's up to the players to unlock their secrets. For 2017 players will be able to queue and farm for rewards (like the Big Love Rocket mount pictured above) at level 16 in Shadowfang Keep. Even traditionally max level gear will scale to you lower level. 

As it only takes about 3 minutes to reach level 16 these days, this has essentially made Love is in the Air content available to everyone.

Lady Sylvanas will always be my Valentine! I wonder if she'll have time for me now that she's Warchief...


Valentine's Day Cash Shop Update

Archeage will likely be celebrating the big day as they always do, by adding more items to the cash shop. But so far, there's no update on what will be available in 2017. We will likely see similarities to 2016's additions, which are possibly the most beautifully stylized options in an MMO.

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soulmate 

Not only will Blade and Soul be updating their Hongmoon Store with both old and new costumes and weapon skins, but it will also have some in-game content to go with them. 

Head to Jadestone Village to begin your quest. Assist Chai concoct a love potion and she'll give you some chocolates in return!

Everquest 2

Erollisi Day

Erollisi Day has always provided a ton of content to complete in Darklight Wood, the Stonebrunt Highlands, Butcherblock Mountains, Lavastorm, Great Divide, and the Thundering Steppes. 

There will be a new quest, plus more recipes and achievements this year, with several more rewards added. The famous pink unicorn mount is (of course) on the returning rewards list. 

Final Fantasy XIV

Valentione’s Day

From the 2nd to the 15th, you'll need to go speak with Lisette de Valentione to start your Valentione's Day festivities in Final Fantasy XIV

Old rewards will be included, but there will be a new emote and minion coming this year as well. This game also includes one of the best marriage mechanics in an MMO, if you'd like to make the day extra special!

No matter which MMO you're playing this Valentine's Day, there are always ways to get into the spirit. Don't forget about your friends when you're busy chasing crushes, and definitely don't forget about your partners while you're busy hanging with friends.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Which events will you be participating in? Or will you avoid it altogether? Let us know in the comment section below.